Kyle Kendrick Birthday Party Expounded from Philly Mag Column

I love surprise parties, especially when the intended has no idea; and that was the case with Kyle Kendrick Sunday night when his Fiance Stephenie LaGrossa threw him a party at her Old City restaurant
Gigi restaurant in Old City
Sunday night I stopped by Stephenie LaGrossa’s Old City restaurant Gigi for Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick‘s surprise birthday party.
Sections of this entry were published already in my PhillyMag column on Monday, but these photos are all new.

Like this one
I love a good surprise

Phillies outfielder Ben Francisco with fiance Cindy Lopez,
Johari Rollins, Heidi Hamels and Michelle Miller, The Nouveau Image PR
Justin Wineburgh, Jill Hamels, Brian Slizgi, Amanda Hamels
Gigi’s GM
Lee Dambrosio, Meredith Moody and Cory-Lynn
The food at Gigi’s was delicious. They had some mean sliders that really should be on their regular menu. They were bigger than a White Castle Burger.

Niki & Phil LaGrossa (co-owner of Gigi’s) are gonna be parents in December – Congrats!!
The girls
Johari and Jimmy Rollins
Carl Prushinski and Chris LaGrossa

Delicious cake
One of my favorite pictures
So fun!! How did she get this done?

Happy Birthday officially tomorrow Kyle Kendrick!!

It really wasn’t as dark as this video shows, one of the flaws of the Lumix camera. sigh. (