PRESIDENT OBAMA VISITS PHILADELPHIA, AND AGAIN TODAY – info on street closures & how you can see him

A few weeks ago I was at Masterman taking photos for the 75th Anniversary of 20th Century Fox’s placement of a plaque outside the room where “The Happening was filmed.” One of the teachers also showed me the auditorium where another scene from the movie was filmed.
It’s a wonderful space and asked if they ever rent it or it’s used by outsiders. She said rarely. Then a week later I found myself in that very same auditorium to photograph President Obama.

About 600 students were chosen to see the president live, the other students watched in on close circuit TV
The press room. It’s here that photos are wifi’d to these computers, as wells as reporters filing their stories of the events going on, to their news desk
The photographers, as well as news cameras get in place for the 15 minute speech. Even though I got there 2 hrs before the event, there was no room for me at the inn, and I shot from the floor
There was a long wait time and I met teacher Luigi Borda who’s an author and has an interesting story:

Kelly Ca is a senior at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School and president of the high school student government. She plans to attend college and medical school in hopes to realizing her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Kelly is a native of Philadelphia and is the president of the class. She introduced him. Other roles by students:
Tamika Miles and Joseph Diaz will lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Tamika is a 6th grade student and Joseph is a 7th grade student at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School. Kyra Reumann Moore will sing in the National Anthem. Kyra is a senior at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School and a member of the Sweet Sixteen acapella choir.Hello Philadelphia! It’s wonderful to be here. Today is about welcoming all of you and all of America’s students back to school – and I can’t think of a better place to do it than Masterman. You’re one of the best schools in Philadelphia – a leader in helping students succeed in the classroom. And just last week, you were recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School for your record of achievement. That’s a testament to everyone here – students and parents, teachers and school leaders. And it’s an example of excellence I hope communities across America embrace.
Over the past few weeks, Michelle and I have been getting Sasha and Malia ready for school. And I bet a lot of you are feeling the same way they’re feeling. You’re a little sad to see the summer go, but you’re also excited about the possibilities of a new year. The possibilities of building new friendships and strengthening old ones. Of joining a school club, or trying out for a team. The possibilities of growing into a better student, and a better person, and making your family proud.

Then President Obama greeted a few of the students
The motorcade leaves Masterman. Today Obama comes to town to do a fundraiser for Con Sestak’s run for the senate seat. The event takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Air Force 1 lands around 3PM. The President should arrive between 4 & 5 at the Convention Center. I don’t know his exact route, but it’s safe to say where you see the most police, sharp shooters will be a great place to stand to wave to the motorcade. It’s an awesome sight to see it go by. (Map Link) As for avoiding the mess, leave work early or late because the traffic surrounding the convention center is going to be a mess. The event is scheduled to end by 6:30PM. Affected blocks Broad Street from 476 to Race Street and perhaps Market Street, the number blocks affected 10th to Broad Street (14th Street).