PRESIDENT OBAMA AND TREY SONGZ SHUT DOWN CENTER CITY AT RUSH HOUR (the cops shut down a potential flash mob)

If you thought the traffic problems were caused by President Obama in Center City, you were dead wrong. By the time Rush Hour hit at 5PM, President Obama was comfortably in the Convention Center pressing the flesh and talking up Joe Sestak. What you did encountered was hundreds, maybe thousands of Trey Songz fans who came to get a glimpse or a graph from their favorite R&B crooner at FYE (Broad and Chestnut Streets) where he was supposed to sign his new CD between 5PM & 7PM.

I came upon the scene at about 5:45PM, after Trey had been whisked away.
Far more people showed up than expected.

Even after Tre Songz drove off in his SUV, most fans were in disbelief and continued to rush the store in hopes of seeing him. This insanity shouldn’t have been a surprise to Tre as earlier in the day he shut down a Baltimore store for the same thing, too many fans, he tweeted.Now Obama did move about the City. At around 6PM he made his way over to the Pyaramid Club were he met with several cash cows””Tickets to that event were $10,000 to $30,400, and the dinner was expected to raise $1 million for the party, according to a DNC official. Sans teleprompter, the president referred to note cards as he began. “I’m getting older so I have to make sure I have a card so I don’t forget anybody.” He thanked Sen. Arlen Specter (D.,Pa.), who was present, for his “extraordinary service,” and noted the presence of Sen Bob Casey (D.,Pa.), Rep. Chaka Fattah (D.,Pa.), gubernatorial nominee Dan Onorato, and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Obama referred to Sestak, who apparently was at the event earlier but had to leave: “That’s a smart thing to do, go out and get votes.”The police began disbursing the crowd, and they did an amazing job. I guess they’ve had a lot of practice after the Phillies World Series riots, and then the recent Flash Mobs.
I love how these girls are stylin’ it. Very hawt, especially the girl in purple. (I was surprised the cops didn’t give me a problem taking pictures. Try and take a shot over at the Apple store where they constantly shut me down.)

Trey’s new CD, Passion, Pain & Pleasure was released this week, and as you can see his star is rising. I can’t imagine that he’d come back fro a signing into a little venue like FYE. You might have to catch him with Usher when he appears at the Wells Fargo Center on 12/16/10
The police broke out these magic wands and banged them on news cans, and trees, using harsh language like “get the hell out of here or your getting maced or thrown in the paddy wagon.”

Eventually the crowd moved towards City Hall, and sure enough moved away from the shopping corridor of Center City; some of the crowd went to the left of city hall, to the right and down the center. It really split them up and quelled the situation. I was late for a gig so my story ends here. (In the video above you see “the paddy wagon” pull up, and the cops basically say who ever doesn’t obey will be thrown in.)