38 days 15 hrs Til Halloween & Did you Know Ricky’s Halloween Store is on Walnut Street

I love Ricky’s Halloween Store, but was curious when it set up shop on Walnut Street. (In my head I’m saying “It’s the economy stupid, who wouldn’t turn down some green these days no matter what CNN says.)

Did you know the City put restrictions on what can be established on Walnut Street (as promoted by Rittenhouse Row. [By the way their annual fall party is 9/29/10]) I was a little surprised that Halloween store made the cut. See below for the list that didn’t make the cut.

CHAPTER 14-1600. MISCELLANEOUS §14-1607.1. Special Controls for Rittenhouse Row and Chestnut Street. [381]
(1) Legislative Findings. The Council finds that:

(a) Major public and private investments have been made and continue to be made to protect and maintain the economic viability, aesthetics and historic character of the area of Center City on Walnut Street, West of Broad, and of the area of Center City on Chestnut Street, West of Broad;

(b) These areas are two of the major shopping destinations of Center City. It is essential to the continued success of these areas to maintain the existing character of the areas and to attract and promote certain specialty retailers to locate within these areas;

(c) Within the said areas there are a number of certain uses which while not necessarily offensive by themselves, when concentrated in an area, tend to contribute to the deterioration of the economics and aesthetics of that area;

(d) The current provisions of the Zoning Code permit certain uses which may be considered as being incompatible with the general character of these areas;

(e) These areas are important to the historic, cultural and commercial vitality of Center City Philadelphia and these types of uses could have a negative impact of these areas;

(f) It is in the best interest of the property owners, business operators, shoppers and the City of Philadelphia that these areas continue to prosper;

(g) Therefore, special land use controls are needed to promote and protect the economic viability of these areas.

(2) Uses Prohibited on the Ground Floor. In addition to the use restrictions as set forth in Zoning Code Section 14-305 and Section 14-1607, in any building or upon any land abutting Walnut street between Broad street and Twentieth street, or in any building or upon any land abutting Chestnut street between Broad street and Twentieth street, the following uses shall be prohibited from occupying the ground floor:

(a) Dry cleaning establishment;

(b) Financial institution;

(c) Manicure/nail salon;

(d) Retail sales of drugs;

(e) Retail sales of general merchandise;

(f) Retail sales of groceries;

(g) Retail sales of major appliances;

(h) Retail sales of optical goods when such use exceeds 2,500 square feet in gross floor area;

(i) Retail sales of recorded music when such use exceeds 2,500 square feet in gross floor area;

(j) Retail sales of variety store merchandise;

(k) Shoe repair;

(l) Tanning salon or spa;

(m) Tattoo and body piercing establishment; and

(n) Fortune teller establishment/palmist.