TWEED Restaurant Philadelphia: A New Place, Delicious Food and a Unique Dish

One of my new favorite restaurants is Tweed at 114 South 12th Street. I’ve eaten here 3 times since I was first invited to a tasting about a month ago. Philly born Restaurateur and Hotelier Edward “Eddie” Bianchini (former owner of Hotel Les Muscadins in Mougins [1 Michelin Star], France, and the Lenox Room in New York.) has teamed up with Executive Chef at Bookbinder’s Restaurant who also worked at the Lenox Room, then later at Old City’s Bookbinder’s restaurant.
Chef David Cunningham is all over the local farm fresh food for your table, and visits the farms of his choice once a week to pick up his meat choices as well as to get to know the farmer.
“I believe in smaller farms, Chef David says, and I believe America produces some of the finest produce in the world and we need to take advantage of what we have in our backyard”. Born and raised in Pennsylvania he knows the region well and he has taken advantage of the seasonal and regional produce the farms in the area offers. He told restaurant news.
He doesn’t get to know your dinner, he told me, but he does inspect the farm to make sure it’s clean and the animals are being cared for.
The menu is a mix of modern American bistro fare. Favorites of mine include Lollipop Chicken Wings blue cheese dipping sauce, Roasted Beet Salad goat cheese, orange mint and frisee, Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs dill, green apple and roe, Magret Duck Breast cornmeal ramp pancake and cider espresso glaze and above Lobster Cobb Salad (that is the half serving I split with a friend. It was more than enough and delicious.)
New on the Menu: Can you guess what this is, an ice cream sandwich. The “bread” is pound cake, the potato chips are dipped in chocolate, and it’s delicious.