The Red Carpet was rolled out for Saturday’s event in Midtown Village.
(It was super genius when the folks along the 13th street corridor got together to create this little enclave.)
I arrived around noon
And quickly ran into a few friends James Zeleniak, who was there checking on his client Marriott Hotel’s restaurant 13, and Chris Mullins from McGillin’s who was nice enough to give me the hat off his head to protect my noggin from 3rd degree sunburn. Mike Toub’s on the right.
Mike and I were hungry so naturally we headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Sampan, and one of my favorite chefs Michael Schulson, who was working the table himself.
Scott Lean of SweetTooth was chatting up Joan Rivera about the food inspector. Who knew but every street festival has to be inspected by the Food Inspector to make sure their area’s are clean and have running water. That kinda surprises me since I have seen some scary food stations on the Parkway. I usually just close my eyes, say a prayer and take a bite, but it’s assuring now to know that they are inspected.
El Vez
The Midtown Village Fall Festival is great for the kids. There’s always a balloon bounce, games
including “Tip the Troll”
Marie Marino, Chris Mullins, Sr and Mary Ellen Mullins
Marcie Turney, chef/co-owner, and Valerie Safran, co-owner, both of Bindi

, Lolita, Barbuzzo, Grocery, Open House and Verde.

Philly’s own Peter Max: John Stango. You have got to check out his work sold at Absolute Abstract. I’m thinking of getting Einstein, Mike want’s to get the Eiffel Tower. The top selling Stango is the pink Audrey Hepburn.
This nugget was sold on Saturday while I was in the store.
Years ago this area just celebrated OctoberFest which was held in front of Ludwigs, which is now Time.
Now a good 5 blocks of streets are bustling with party goers.
and foodies
Chip and Nacy MacKrides
Love these little Eagles & Phillies balloon animals

The ever popular Sumo Wrestling

The always popular Sumo Wrestling. This time with Aly & Mel

Michelle and Cairn outside the Sumo Lounge.
The party was just starting, when I had to skiddodle to get ready to see the Jersey Boys that evening. But the food was delicious.
And the company rocked. Monique Crawford, Lesley Kozloff, Reid Rosenthal, and Erin Elmore.

As I high tailed it down Sansom, I could see it was another successful Midtown Fall Festival. So come back soon and enjoy the shops and some of the best restaurants in the area.