I thought I had fashion over dose and couldn’t take one more “fashion event”, but after walking through the doors of the Armory last night (me and my wicked cold, don’t get too close.) and spying all there was to see about Philadelphia Fashion Week I realized that this was not your typical fashion show event Philly has gotten so used to, this was a tricked out CMK Entertainment style event, and I realized I was in for a treat.
I remember last year’s event, and the excitement surrounding it, the press the buzz, it was overwhelming, but this year the buzz was drowned out a bit from The Fashion Collection, and even having FBH moving their events to August. But I say even if you went to those phabuloous events, and of course one of my faves Phasion Phest, Fashion Week at the Armory is not to be missed. I’ve covered NYFW for 10 seasons, and what I saw last night was comparable to the excited as hitting the tents at Lincoln Center (except you don’t have to be a buyer, or know someone, you can get a ticket to this event by buying one. Plus in between shows, they don’t kick you out of your seat, just to get in line again for a seat to the next show.)I am a tad under the weather so I missed quite a bit of the opening ceremonies but arrived to catch the last hour and really enjoyed what I saw. The first huge change I noticed was the placement of the runway. Yeah, that made a huge impression. Last year it was an odd figure 8 which trapped people if you were in the loop cause you would have to climb over the runway to escape. This year it was a more traditional runway, with plenty of seats, and may I say fantastic lighting effects (Advanced Staging Productions). The whole set up really made me feel something special was going on.

In between shows there was always some kind of entertainment for you to enjoy if you didn’t feel like walking around or shopping at the many wonderful boutiques, or people watch or visit the bar, which I encourage you to do. Walk around, notice people, their styles, fashion is happening not only on the runway buy among the people at the event. Above: Casey Alvarez Band

Brian Sanders JUNK performance art. (I’ve seen this hot troupe before and the junk they are talking about definitely isn’t an adjective.)

DJ Bruce and friends. (Is that DJ Adrien Hardy? i don’t have my glasses on?)
Andrea, Shariff and Leigh Ann Burke
Jimmy Style Contreras
The pretty girls were in the house: Kharisma McIlwaine, Vittoria Woodall with her equally beautiful sisters Cristi, and Nicole
The photographers were out in full force. So impressed that Phl Fashion Week had a riser for the photographers to shoot from. So often we are shooting on the same level and elbows get in the way. When I first came to Philly I would bring a ladder with me to shoots, we need one to shoot in NYC as there are so many photographers, not here, but at popular events like fashion shows, if you really want good coverage it is the way to go.
I was in the VIP lounge, which was like a photographers riser, but it had free drinks. (Arcadia & Bus Stop Boutiques and Wilhelmina models)
But the fashion conscious were throughout the armory. When I go to fashion week in NYC I don’t shoot fashion, I shoot people, and it’s no different than when I hit catwalk here. Above the fashion conscious catch the Arcadia & Bus Stop Boutiques presentation on the runway.
most people like to capture the fashion, whether to buy that particular outfit, or to look for a similar outfit in their future.
Looks like knit caps are here to stay. Thankfully they are getting more colorful. (Arcadia & Bus Stop Boutiques)
Arcadia & Bus Stop Boutiques
Gold is driving up the market, is on the runway (Carmelita Couture)
and next season will be on the street. (Carmelita Couture)
Leaya Lee and Sarah Cooper Bobersky

Brava Kristie Bergey, Mary Beth Bogan (Bogan Law Group) with friends last night. BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR TONIGHT ONLY $35 IT’S STUDENT NIGHT, AND IT’S A TREAT. Friday & Saturday tickets still on sale $75 – $125 and party with adults, enjoy a special night out, this is one event people will be talking about all year long.