M. Night Shyamalan at the Philadelphia Film Festival

Thursday night the Philadelphia Film Festival hosted the 10th Anniversary screening of Unbreakable (starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson & Robin Wright Penn). I still haven’t seen it as I was running late at the Vision 2020 Women’s Conference event, which I wrote about Friday in my column and will write about this week as I forgot so much about the Geena Davis speech, which was hysterical. Anyway, Thursday

the theater was full of M. Night Shyamalan fans, which I was really glad to see since so many people have been disappointed about his movie. I love the one’s I’ve seen. Of course my Favorite is The Sixth Sense.

I also love how he always films in and around Philly. He told the audience that The Sixth Sense was actually his 3rd film. The first two didn’t do that well, but when it came to The Sixth Sense, he created a buzz demand for it telling his agent not to accept anything but a million dollars for the screen rights, and that he would direct, and that it would be filmed in the Philadelphia area. You have to give him a lot of credit for creating and executing conditions like that. The Sixth Sense would go on to become one of his biggest blockbusters ever.

This is probably Shyalaman’s most unsung movie. It is such a good story and the concept is so unique. Good vs. Evil in it’s most carnal form and the birth of a Superhero. (Youtube commentor)

How do you feel about Unbreakable now?
Shyalaman greeted fans at the end of the Q&A and took pixs with a few.

He told one of them that he may indeed make a sequel to it. I think he should re-release it.

I think that’s his daughter with him, she just turned 11
He was just about to leave
but came back for a few more autographs
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