Friday night after Kerry Washington’s screening of her new movie “ Night Catches Us “, Philadelphia Style Magazine held an after party at the Chestnut Street Club.

Many of stylish Philadelphian’s came out to enjoy the bites of 12th Street Caterers and mingle with the beautiful people that make up these parties. Anne Nikolaus on the right and her girlfriends
Lianda Swain and Lauren O’Dorisio

I wish I had gotten a better shot of Haley Binn’s stockings. This season stockings have become more than just leg warmers, and seem to come in all kinds of interesting styles.
The cast of Night Catches Us . The movie is being distributed by Magnolia Pictures.
Sadiq Afif and Tanya Hamilton, Amari Cheatom and Jamara Griffon

Actress Kerry Washington and director Tanya Hamilton pose for pictures at the 19th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival premiere of Night Catches Us on Saturday. Featuring a score by The Roots, the film hits theaters December 3.
Actors Jamara Griffon, Sadiq Afif and Kerry Washington. The movie is set in 1976, and is a complex political and emotional forces are set in motion when a young man returns to the race-torn Philadelphia neighborhood where he came of age during the Black Power movement.
Love this little dance Kerry does toward Jason Binns. Wish I had videoed it.
Boots are in even if it’s 70F out

Guest, Barbera Nipan-Spencer, Mimi Pond, & Craig Spencer
Phila Film Festival’s Andrew Greenblatt and Kerry Washington. This “newly revised festival” was epic for Philadelphia. They brought in a lot of amazing movies, great talent, and they had a “red carpet” with a step and repeat when possible. They really went the extra mile to get me there, the brass from the top down greeted me, and made my work that much easier to do. For me my schedule was too banged up tight to make everything, but from what I could see this festival is going to make Philly a contender in the Festival circuit. Something I’ve always wanted to see.

Michelle Miller, GN Kang and Mia Colona. Like I said stockings are no longer functional, but stylish too.

Anthony DiMeo III and his baby. baby’s got back and front.

Congrats to Ashley Schaeffer on her recent engagement
hot shoe style

A member of the audience is daft and stuck on the idea that the movie should have been filmed in North Philly where the story “probably happened”, but this is not a documentary states Kerry Washington so it’s fine that it’s filmed in Germantown where the director placed it.

Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick with his main squeeze on his right, and their friend.
Tip sheet so that I can recognize the peeps walking the red carpet.
Jamara Griffon was awesome in the movie, and I told her so.
John Colabeli and Lauren O’Dorisio
There was a nice spread
Reggie Berry and Jackiem Wright turning it out. Especially Reggie with that super hot double button jacket, reminiscence of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation era. Philadelphia Eagles Moise Fokou and Cornelius Ingram. Berry and Wright are founders of The 400. Check out this Wright’s bday video

Phillies great Garry Madox, Kerry Washington and PSM Publisher John Colabelli
Actor Vince Young from 90210 (1990)
John Colabelli, Philadelphia Style Mag Publisher, Kerry Washington, Kristin Munroe, PSM Editor and Jason Binn, Niche Media
City Reps Margaret Hughes, Kerry Washington and Erica Atwood link to yesterday’s article on the movie.
Ian Swain, Maria Papadakis and Manny Romano as we leave the after, after party at Del Frisco’s about 1:30AM. It was a crazy fun night. Manny was one of the talented DJ’s at Phl Fashion Week just last week. He went to school with Maria, and it was a nice reunion.