Video Proof: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell pays up on his election day bet with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly – Dinner at The Capital Grille

I wrote in my yesterday:

According to Daily News reporter Dan Gross (he tweeted it), Governor Rendell agreed to have a steak dinner at Capital Grille with Bill O’Reilly after losing a bet on Corbett-Onorato race. There’s a good chance that it will be prepared by the new Executive Chef/Operating Partner David Wiederholt (formerly of Granite Hill & Oceanaire) who started there Monday.

Fast Forward to last night when I was out I ran into Capital Grill folks who

1) How did you know that Wiederholt started at Capital Grill, he’s still in training and it hasn’t been announced. (Thanks to an anonymous tip, then I saw his Linkin profile for my 2nd source.)
2) Then they told me there’s a video clip of Rendell & O’Reilly on youtube. (aahhh ok cool.)