Chit Chat Chatter: To me the meaning of Thanksgiving is every day, every day is Christmas, and every day demands my gratitude and celebration. And which I am thrilled to have a vehicle like PhillyChitChat to expose the good of Philly, it’s people and the universe to an audience.

Thanksgiving, the formal holiday, allows me to gather with friends or family and celebrate the abundance in my life and the lessons I’ve been afforded. For years I would call my friends and thank them for being my friend.This year I want to thank you my readers for the amazing support you’ve given me, for allowing me to live my life out there entirely too much, for supporting Gilda’s Club of South Jersey, and the other charities I feature. Thanks for allowing me to share stories of all sorts of people, events known and unknown. I wanna thank my biggest supporters: family, co-workers and Mike for supporting this crazy passion I have. I want to thank Philadelphia Magazine for choosing me to write a column on their site, Justin Pizzi and the NBC10 NonStop folks, Michael Klein, Dan Gross and all the blogs that link to me. I rarely have time to be so clever in doing the linking stories, but I do read many of your site. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Holiday Inn Express on Walnut Street in Center City Philadelphia is grateful for it’s clients and throws an annual party to thank them.

Your Holiday Inn team: JoAnn Bongart, Alicia Raffensberger, Dennis Cronin, John Magaldi and Marney Kolsky
Louise Taylor, Linda Pizzo, Cynthia Branch, Thomas Jefferson Hospital
Maxine C Dalsemer and Jennie Funches, Visitor Center at Macy’s

Allen Ung, CJ Ermace and Thu Nguyen (Temple University Intern, no doubt thankful to work at such a friendly organization like the Holiday Inn Express under JoAnn Bongart)

Desnca Murtha and Nikki Kucher

Joanne Gardner and Patricia Walsh
Anthony Logan, Stanley Bochan and Shanette AlfredDennis and Marian Smith, Alternative Tours, Inc

Malika Pitt, Lynece Yates and Helane Moore – Thomas Jefferson Hospital

Tom Encstrom – Macy’s Parade and Entertainment Group and Jim Sale, JSL Inc. these are the guys who put the light show together at Macy’s. The light show
Happy Thanksgiving!!