THE SIXERS GAME Friday Night – Musings

Philadelphia is a sports town, but for some reason it hasn’t caught on to the excitement of the 76ers.
Sure I remember the days of Allen Iverson, the showman with the attitude. But the Sixers have a couple of stars on the team to fill his shoes: Elton Brand, Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, Andre Iguodala and Spencer Hawes
Great advertising Toyota. I’m still working on the concept, but will be rolling out something in the next few weeks.
The game is part participant sport and part audience participation. The Sixers organization really goes all out to make sure the audience has a good time. Check out the clappers in the aisle that gets the crowd going.
Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Bogut about to get a foul against Spencer Hawes for holding. There’s no holding in basketball is there? Earlier in the day I did a taping for “The Scene” on NBC’s Non Stop channel with Justin Pizzi at the Four Seasons. When I went to leave I ran into the short challenged basketball player in the lobby going to breakfast.

Cool basketball dunks

I love people watching where ever I go
Hacina Saadi
Celeb spotting: Professional Poker Player Beth Shak with Drew Milstein.

Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance
The Bucks Jon Brockman kinda looks like Jack O’Halloran (below) from Superman, doesn’t he? Here he and the Sixers’ Spencer Hawes hang out waiting for the start of the next play.

When did basketball become a contact sport Spencer Hawes?

Thaddeus Young
The guy in the green shirt looks familar
I wonder if on game night the Sixers could release a few tickets at a discount price and fill these seats, at least on the upper level? That way they can get the next generation of fans that will be willing to invest in the expensive seats on the lower level.
That guy is AI short, but very quick. Who is he?
In between periods there’s court entertainment with dancers, cheerleaders, ball playing, contests, it’s entertaining. How the heck does that guy do that. I think the refs are impressed too. The Sixers won 90 – 79. All in all it was a great night of basketball and entertainment. I don’t get why the place isn’t packed.