WHERE MAGAZINE HOLIDAY PARTY, a Popourri of Santa Pictures including a Phillies & Phamily

Sorry I was out late so I didn’t get to write up the blog entry I wanted to, so I just did this one quickly off the top of my head, and by quickly I mean 2 hrs. Now it’s 4:05AM and well yikes. I did do two posts though. Tonight I’m staying in (I think) so look for the two events I did over the weekend.


Last night was the Annual Where Magazine Holiday Party at Macy’sAll the guests got to see the Macy’s Holiday Light Show, as well as sit on Santa’s lap, like Karen Spiro, Greta Greenberger and me
Smufs are making a comeback. Each of us got a gift bag. This is going in the Toys for Tots barrel at my job.
Ryan Derfler brought his girlfriend Whitney Miller
Jonathan, friend and Mandy
GPTMC’s Jeff Guaracino, Laura Burkhardt, Where Magazine Publisher and Drew Belcher, PHS
The Zeleniak Family – Then I saw a few shots displayed near Santa that weren’t at the party. Three kids under 10 and Alycia and James still look like newlyweds

Phillies Ryan Madson, wife Sarah and brood. OK they weren’t at the party, they cut the ribbon to Dicken’s Village after Thanksgiving

Yikes. OK this wasn’t taken at Macy’s
Monica Glass and Kristina

First up 1o Arts Pastry Chef Monica Glass, Kristina Jenkins , Where Magazine Editor, Laura and I headed over to Sampan. I had to try the Korean Chicken, which I had read about on Grub Street Philly as being delicious. I’ve noticed alot of the KFC’s have left the area, so now I have found my new favorite, and it comes with biscuits and gravy.
Next it was over to Barbuzzo for the pudding dessert with the sea salt. I had a tasting, because you know I’m trying to lose a few (hundred) pounds, and it was delicious. Chef Marcie Turney joined us, which was great since I am such a huge fan of hers.
We ended our night at Bar, who’s menu is hysterical. (Ornaments can be bought at Verde, we did a midnight run to the store for something.) Laura, Marcie, Sanpan Bartender Andrew and Jeremy Miller toast to a great night. So much fun, and I loved getting to chat with Marcie without her chef’s outfit on. I learned so much, like their (Val & Marcie’s) inspiration is more Martha Stewart, than anyone else; and they really treat their workers as family, mentors and nurture them into making their dreams come true. I would sum up them up as having a vision, working hard, respect for others and kindness as the measure of their success.
Today on Laura’s FB:Just because all the other kids are drinking pickle backs (shots of jameson with a pickle juice back) does not mean you have to drink them…. (LOL, pickle backs right I forgot what it was called. So funny)

The photo below wasn’t taken at Macy’s either
but someone on FB allowed me to publish it here cause it’s so whacked. The End. Happy Holiday’s