What a whirlwind weekend of Philly celebrified news and sightings. My whirlwind began last Thursday I got a call that the LA Lakers were practicing at the Sporting Club at the Bellevue and did I want to come over and get a few shots. Damn straight, thanks to the Amy & her team for allowing me to run in and watch the practice for a bit. More than a dozen people on the floors about stopped their mid-day work outs to catch the action. (I wasn’t there too long as a coach came over saying the boys were afraid I was writing down their plays, and also some of them had in their contract that they can’t be photographed. Hmm)

I didn’t expect Kobe Bryant as there was a ceremony that evening for a new gymnasium at Lower Merion High School. The gym was named and dedicated to Bryant, a Lower Merion alumnus whogenerously donated $411,000 towards the cost of building the state of the art gym. Stating he was doing it for the next generation.
Maybe now the Philadelphia fans will overlook his dim witted actions in the past notably stating that while growing up in Philly he was a Mets fan. He must really hate Philly fans to come out with that statement.
I ran into serious LA Lakers fan Connie Johnson in the parking garage, she was tipped off that the team would be practicing that day and was planning to wait out their practice and get their autographs as they left the building.
She told me she’d been a Laker fan ever since Kolbe took Brandy to the prom. I had to disappoint her and tell her Kolbe wasn’t there, but she said she’d wait for the team to leave, she was a big Pau Gasol fan too. Pau Gasol getting his foot massaged. I got a few shots in and then headed out the door to Sigma Sound Studios and The Beat 100.3’s private meet & greet with Trey Songz. You’ll remember the last time Trey was in town he was supposed to do a signing at FYE record store at Broad & Chestnut and about 700 kids showed up.
Hosted by Star and Buc Wild with White Trash Helene from the “Star and Buc Wild Morning Show”

About 100 fans came out in the light snow for the “Ladies Afternoon” event. I had a picture in Michael Klein’s column on Sunday, and will cover this event more in depth this week, but the ladies were more than a little excited to pose with Trey. A few knocked him over and the backdrop; one excited girl burst out crying, and another had to be pried off of him and almost shown the door. Above Star doing the honors grilling Trey about all things him, including what his future holds. Trey says that until the Lord gives him another calling, he’ll be pumping out the albums.
FRIDAY: Keri Hilson’s new CD “No Boy’s Allowed” is going to put her on the map; it drops 12/21. Sure she’s been around a few years, but this CD is danceable, fun, naughty and nice with lots of love from Chris Brown in there. Look for a few cross over hits as they say. She hung out at Sigma Sound on Friday night with Kendra G, who could could melt any cold day with that red hot outfit on. Check out Kendra G as she does the Keri dance. Friday nights event was a bit more like a party, the crowd was dressed, the liquor was flowing for the 21 year old, there was Swanky Bubbles sushi on the menu and Skinny Water was there for the under 21 set. Friday night was also the Sixers vs. the LA Lakers, and the Wells Fargo Center was sold out for the first time in several years. I came across this Getty Images shot on the 700Level and noticed my friend Drew Milstein sitting next to Kijifa Frink and fiance Michael Vick with DeSean Jackson. First I have to say what a game yesterday, unbelievable. Secondly, I could do a whole blog entry on the re-emergence of Michael Vick. I hear he’s gotten himself a PR agent to re-build his image, and she’s doing a great job, and of course he’s doing a hell of a job himself playing great football for the Eagles. Back to her. First he throws his fiance a party at G Lounge, gives her a $90,000 Porsche then sells the pictures as exclusives to TMZ. That’s national and that’s getting his name out there. Then he does a small town commercial for a Woodbury NJ car dealership. Then another national story hits, he’ does an interview where he says he wants a dog after months of trying to distance himself from dog anything, except for the occasional visits to schools to talk against dog fighting, he lays a comment like that out there. Vick has to wait until 2012 for the Courts to allow him to have a dog? What do you think? Look for more Michael Vick in the press to come, and eventually for some of his big time endorsements to come back.
Also in town Friday night Jamie Foxx (a shot I took above at a Beat 100.3 conference) was at The Vault (Formerly Fusion) for a listening party for his new CD, but first he went to the LA Lakers game, then headed to the best restaurant with a view in the City, R2L, where he dined at table 95 (next to Barbara’s Streisand a few weeks ago). I got tipped off that he was there around midnight (I was at Whisper following up a Jeremy Maclin sighting, plus a few of the Eagles were headed over after their holiday party which was held at the Linc) but I was too slow getting over there to catch him as he finished up dinner; he then strolled to the bar with friends and bought a round of Patron. He also posed for a few photos with fans before heading out to the Vault around 12:30AM for the listening party.
SATURDAY NIGHT: Mike and I donned our gay apparel and headed over to Philadelphia Gay Newspaper’s Mark Segal’s Christmas Party er holiday party, hmm I don’t know what he calls it, but I call it a lot of fun. I think my readers know in the past how much I admire Mark and all he’s done for the gay movement, and to have his holiday party on the day that DADT moved one step further to being eliminated, as well as having U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy in the house on this historic day was well historic. Murphy, Mark Segal, Mayor Nutter, Gov Rendell, Paul Steinke (Reading Terminal Market) If you could have heard the excitement and cheer of the guests at his announcement, it was really overwhelming and one of those moments to be treasured. A newsworthy moment that I got to witness. (Sorta like when I witnessed Britney Spears almost drop her baby cause her stir up pants got tangled in her high heels when she stepped off a curb in NYC.)Micah, Ryan, Oacha
Philly Daily News Dan Gross, Patrick Murphy and Holly Maher. Congratulations all around.

Sorry for the darkness of this video, but you can enjoy the Honorable Midge Rendell sing her favorite funny Christmas classic

Another favorite moment is when Mayor Nutter pays tribute to Gov Rendell.
A Saturday night event I didn’t go to was the Joy to The World black tie gala at the Ritz Carlton because I had a couple of friends parties to go to But I had lots of friends who went like Jonathan Vendrick with Vivica Fox (46) and her 29 year old you go girlfriend boyfriend Slimm
Ian Swain II and Miss Philadelphia Andrea Helfrich always the early birds got there at the starting starting time of 10PM, told me the celebs and VIPs didn’t start rolling in until midnight. “I will have to give them props on the Ice-Bar – that was a solid touch. Room was set up beautifully. There was a Ciroc shortage at one point, ironically at this time Diddy was yelling into the mic that everyone needed to loosen up and to pass some Ciroc out.”
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield (Twitter)
guest, guest, Uri Jacobsen and Ron Hansen (These next 3 pixs are from Uri)
Jermaine Dupri (formerly Mr Janet Jackson)
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (Oh I have a doozy of a Diddy story but that’s gonna be on TV), Fabulous, Brian McKnight, State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams and wife Shari Williams, Miss Philadelphia 2010 Andrea Helfrich, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Erin Elmore, Kijafa Frink, Megan Smith (Brownstone PR) and lots of Philly Phamous and beautiful people. I have a few more fun tidbits from the events mentioned above, but I want to save them for my NBC10 Non Stop Channel 248, or 10.2 segment for 9:30PM on Thursday.