Philadelphia Lunar Eclipse 2AM til 3AM

The Lunar Eclipse was well worth staying up for, but I guess it’s really not that much of a stretch for me as I am a night owl 2AM I went out to see where we were at. i was following along on the Chile space watch so I had a pretty good idea as Chile is just below us I think, but warmer.

for awhile it was just like a 1/2 moon, 1/4 moon thing, so my mind began to wander
I thought what the heck pattern is that on the Cira Center? It seriously looked like Oh No Mr Bill from SNL, but then I realized I was tired, cold and seeing things.
Back to the show
Oh wait I can see the art museum parking garage from the front of my building, that’s pretty cool to see a Frank Gehry so close.
We’re getting there…

Oh then I thought foreground shots would look nice.
If I wasn’t so lazy I would have crossed the street, laid on the ground and had the art museum in the foreground.
I was getting artsy here, probably not though, huh?
Goose bump time
This was shot with a flash
This was without a flash
So worth it:-) The End and I went to bed. Well first I did this blog entry.