Kate Gosselin runs up the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum with her children being filmed for her TV show

Yesterday I got an assignment from a national magazine that I contribute to that at some point in the day Reading, Pa’s reality star, who just made news in all the glossies that she changed her hairstyle, Kate Gosselin and her brood of 8 would be running up the Art Museum Steps, “The Rocky Steps”. After waiting several hours the magic happened. That’s Dancing with the Stars Kate Gosselin on the right, chatting on her cell phone as she ascends the steps. I have no idea why she needed to chat with anyone cause her entire family was with her including her “bodyguard” who tried to prevent me from shooting these pictures.Kate’s been absent from the TLC airwaves for a couple months, except when she appeared on Sarah Palin’s reality show recently on the same network. The Palin’s and Gosselin’s went camping. Kate left before the day was out exclaiming the most notable dialog since Jessica Simpson asked if there was chicken in Chicken of the Sea tuna? Kate said to Sarah Palin as they were setting up the campsite, “Why would anyone purposely be homeless.” As she compared going camping as the same as being homeless. Last Spring there was a promise of a new show called “A Twist of Kate”, which was presented to the advertisers in NYC at the Upfronts, but so far there’s been no indication it was filming until yesterday.

Originally I was going to break this story with permission from the magazine, which I received, on my NBC10 Non-Stop Channel, but I was preempted this morning by a breaking news story, and having lost the exclusive story on Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez a few weeks back I wasn’t going to wait out this one so here are a few of the pictures, but I will have additional information regarding her filming in filming in the City for my TV segment that appears every night on Comcast Ch 248, or 10.2, that goes along with these pictures for when I film my segment tomorrow. (The night before Kate and the 8 were at the Flyer’s game, according to the 700 Level.)