I received a tip that Minnesota Viking’s Brett Favre was at the South Philly Target on Sunday right before the big snow storm.

Grub Street Philly reports that Double Dare’s “Marc Summers Does Dinner at Han Dynasty”

Facebook Updates: (A new segment here at Philly Chit Chat. Friend me at Philly ChitChat and I might give you a shout out.)

Jet Setter, animal lover and savior, Dana Spain is torturing her friends with daily details of her warm trip to Ginger Island, BVI via facebook. Every snowy, cold day I think should I unfriend her?

Amy Stratton, GM of Sporting Club at the Bellevue and a few brave, adventurous souls who are committed to fitness goals, participated in a run this morning up the Art Museum Steps. (You’ll recall it was a week ago today that Kate Gosselin and her merry band of 8 did the run for their TV show.)

Mark Marek tells his friends to be on the look out for “Rumor” his new club slated to open at 15th & Sansom, but I already told you that in a cryptic headline last week on and mentioned the club opening up in this entry earlier this month. I hear that the opening is gonna be in March. So now we’ll have a Rumor and a Whisper within blocks of each other. I think Center City can support those two as well as Recess in Old city.

Logitech Revue with Google TV – Philadelphia’s Kevin Bacon. Entertainment this Week has a great interview with Kevin Dillon on the commercial where he depicts his greatest fan.
Kristen Alderson and her brother Eddie Alderson, who are both on One Live to Live. Not sure why Eddie has a black eye here, but lately he’s been a real bastard on OLTL maybe someone slugged him. She twittered this pix saying they were all ready for bed in time for Santa to come down the chimney. They live outside of Philly.
Last week was the Lunar Eclipse on Winter Solstice. I mentioned that I had seen a Lunar Eclipse before but couldn’t find the photo. I finally did. I took this with a pocket digital camera and I believe it was around 2002.

Thanks to my friends Katie & Simon Curtis for shooting the VisitPhilly banner on at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.