Crocodile Philly Serves, Beer, Pizza & has Pickleback Menu

A couple weeks back I went bar hopping with a few friends, Laura B, Marcie T, Jeremy M and Andrew. We ended up at BAR and the foursome decided to do Pickle Shots, which frankly sounds gross to me, I like my pickles on a side of a club sandwich, but these Pickle Shots seem all the rage lately, and there are YouTube videos and pictures on the internet of people doing the shots so it must be the bomb.
It was such an interesting concept I thought I had to get a shot and write about it on my blog a few weeks back. So this is a repeat photo of the gang at Bar (Which is also the name of a Bar on the Upper West Side in NYC, near where I used to live. I hear Pickle Shots became quite popular for the first time in NYC. I wonder what the origin is, how did someone come up with such a combo.) Now I am here to tell you that Crocodile Bar Philadelphia in Old City has come up with an interesting menu of different pickle back combinations. Some of which are as comical to me as the concept of drinking a shot of whiskey with pickle juice chaser, bottoms up. But there seems to be a real desire for this drink as there are lots of youtube videos on the subject. (disclosure, I don’t drink but I know what pickle juice and whiskey taste like.)
Crocodile Philly Located in Old City at 110 Chestnut Street, the bar is open daily 5 p.m. till 2 a.m. and on weekends 12 p.m. till 2 a.m. For further information, please visit (P.S. Currently their website seems to be down but you can follow them on Twitter: @crocodilephilly )