Valanni’s Reinvents Itself with a lounge & The City’s First Split Service

Last week I was driving around in the snow and noticed that Valanni’s changed it’s marquee sign – It’s discofied According to the Urban Dictionary Discofied means: To invoke the disco era in a person or thing by using a combination of color, patterns, lighting, grooming, and/or other funkiness in a manner reminiscent of 1977.

“In order to impress the ladies, Juan discofied his wardrobe by adding vertically striped bell-bottom pants and pimp-ass high-rise platform boots.”

That’s not exactly what you are going to find at the “new” Valanni Social, but there is a cool colored swagger lounge vibe going on since they renovated the place shortly after their 10th anniversary in the Fall. (Valanni will still be operating as a restaurant on one side of the building, and serve the full menu in the lounge, as well as have a late night menu as Executive Chef John Strain offers a late-night menu every night after 11:00 pm.)
Reinventing the space by removing the traditional diner tables and replacing them with beautiful WHITE banquette Lounge Chairs and cocktail tables, the ceiling adorn with globe lighting fixtures, the wall lit with a hint of a blue and pink glow. There is seating for 28 in the front room, and 22 in the back. A DJ booth is in the back, and although there is no dance floor who’s to say there’s a law against standing in place and grooving when you feel like it. The DJ will be spinning music Wednesdays through Saturdays, starting at 10:00 PM. Each night of the week there will be a different DJ playing different tunes, from hip-hop to house. Although there is not a live DJ on Sunday and Tuesdays, SOCIAL is every night of the week until 2:00 am.
Valanni’s has always had a nice neighborhood feel, and I think they’re still going for that crowd as well as folks who just want to go to a bar/lounge and hang out with their friends, and not be so disconnected from the outside as most clubs are windowless. In the summer the front windows of Valanni Social will open wide.
SOCIAL is the first place in Philly to serve “Splits.” SOCIAL Split Service offers SOCIAL guests the option of enjoying all the fun of bottle service, but with affordable prices and less of a “commitment” than a full bottle. All “Split” size bottles are 375 ml, or half the size of a typical bottle, and has 9 to 11 pours. (P.S. I love this new lens I bought, the pixs look so much better now. What do you think?)
Owner George Anni is excited about the changes, and shares that “I’ve always envisioned this for Valanni, and I’m thrilled that we’ve made it happen. There’s nothing like this in the neighborhood.” Valanni and SOCIAL complement one another perfectly—Valanni has maintained its cool, sexy atmosphere, and SOCIAL has a new life of its own.

The address and phone number for Valanni Social is 1229 Spruce St,Philadelphia, PA 19107 Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 790-9494