Happy Birthday Tim Young dinner at 10 Art’s With Jennifer Carroll News & Menu Changes

Happy Birthday Tim Young

Tim Young, Tim Graham, Lanina Cavicchio and Laurie Rentz

The table started off with oysters. 3 of the folks had never had oysters and are now fans, but let me tell you the oysters Jen prepared were like no other oysters I ever had. Delicious. Flash fried and the taste was indescribable, and I love oysters especially with a little caviar on top like dad used to make.

While the rest of the table had salad I had Jen’s buffalo sweetbread’s. Another winner. I remember having my first sweetbread a few weeks back at a special dinner ‘Top Chef’ winner Kevin Sbraga had at the Omni Hotel. I asked my twitter followers what sweetbread was and I got several different answers back. Still confused, but I do love buffalo wings so I was happy. BTW this is leaving the menu soon so if you love sweetbread you’d better get in there. Jen and Eric Ripert love to offer new things on the menu and change the items out when they get bored. Of course the trout is their signature dish and will always be on the menu.
Laurie got the bay scallops like I recommended, as I had them last week, and I nearly had to pull her off the ceiling. She loved, loved, loved them. Now here’s a girl who’s favorite restaurant is at the Four Season’s so she does love fine dining, especially at hotel’s where dining is not just for special occasions. Lobster noodle was a table favorite.
I had the rabbit. I would have had the trout which I haven’t had in a while, but choose the rabbit because I understand that Jen is about to switch it out again and tweak the recipe. Last time it was lightly baked on the edges, this time it was wrapped in bacon, and in two weeks it’s going to be cooked with chocolate and cherries. I can’t even imagine, but Laurie, who we now have discovered is a gourmet cook, lover of fine foods, was able to sing in harmony with Jen on the sweet and tangy rabbit flavor heaven it would be. I guess I will be in again at the beginning of February.
Ten Arts does it up right if it’s your birthday and Tim was served the chocolate rice pudding, which is my favorite dessert, er when I’m not on my diet to loose 50lbs so I can fit into my white tails for the Academy Ball at the end of the month.
The table shared 10 Art’s Pastry Chef Monica Glass’ Peppermint Pattie, which comes with the $59 tasting menu.
I loved this pear, sorbet dish and I had a taste of Tim2’s pumpkin bread which was delicious.
The Tim’s are huge fans of Top Cheftestant Jen Carroll and were thrilled when she came out and spent a bit with us answering questions regarding the show Top Chef. Jen is about to go to the Cayman Islands to participate in their Wine & Food event. Two of the judges from that infamous episode where she was booted will be participating too. Then soon after wards they all head to NYC for the finale of Top Chef. Ohhh maybe it will be during NY Fashion Week and I’ll be there too. Jen tells me that she gets fan letters/emails every day since her departure from the Bravo Network show. 10x’s more mail rolls in now than her first stint on Top Chef. She wants all the fans to know she is grateful for your support, and when you’re in Philly stop on in and have a bite to eat.
I was kinda thrilled when I left because I caught an article I wrote for my Philly Mag column near the 10 Arts Concierge Desk. Now that is