2011 brings another facet to PhillyChitChat and that is of roving reporter when I come upon news happening. Yesterday I had a few errands to do and while window shopping at XIII on 13th (You really have to stop by that shop it’s adorable) I notice several police cars driving down 13th Street. Being the curious guy I am I followed them enticing red flashing lights to the row of houses between Spruce and Locust, right down from the street of the Parker hotel, and across from the Wellington on Spruce where I first lived when I moved to Philly oh so many years ago. This stretch of block really hasn’t improved much since the time I was mugged there one warm August night, back then it was known as the red light district, and if you wander about after midnight you still might catch a glimpse of a lady er lady like of the night.

So I get to the scene and I am trying to figure out what was going on. I identify myself as part of the media, because I guess I am, I have a press pass. I always wonder is a blogger media, but am I more than a blogger now, I had that fun PhillyMag column, I contribute news to NBC10 Non-Stop, my pictures go in the Philly Inquirer etc; I think I’ll own that name member of the media now I think. I wonder if I can join the Pen & Pencil Club now? Media schmedia the cops wouldn’t tell me what was going on, but shortly after I took this picture they started to panic and evacuate the block of all people.
Around this time the union shop boys were returning to their building, which is in the middle of the block, to change shifts. The police wouldn’t let them enter the block and the boys threw a lot of their testosterone around to no avail as the cops weren’t letting them through. It was so funny to her the brutes say “well you’re gonna have to tell out boss to pay us overtime then.”

Here are a few of their trucks which they basically just left in the middle of the road causes traffic mayhem. Oy By now I hear on Twitter from @ that it wasn’t a bomb, or meth lab as the crowd suspected, but a man who was holding a women hostage and barricaded himself in the house. Which is a pretty serious domestic situation, but I can’t figure out why the ladder truck would extend to the 3rd floor window. I guess they wanted to take a look inside. Shortly after getting the story right, the women was out of the house and the police just worked on getting the suspect out.
Next an ambulance came, and I will spare you the video of the predictable outcome when the policewomen attempted to hold down the yellow tape to allow the ambulance to drive over it, let’s just say she had to park her cop car in the street to block traffic after the ambulance went by
This was kinda funny. If you look closely there’s a yellow tape across the far sidewalk, now this I should have taped because the women in the blue coat was determined to make it to the mailbox which was behind me
and just walked by it like she was Casper the Friendly Ghost
through the throngs of police, and now you can see above the alleged suspect being led out of the house
and down the street
This picture was shot by Melissa Thompson

Still so excited that I got to meet @ on the scene of all the excitement! He reported the 13th st drama 1st! :)” – (Thanks it was nice meeting you too)

to the police car. I’m sure that pissed off the Union guys who still couldn’t get back into their building for another 15 minutes
Oh ABC6 flew by to take a look. I have to clean my camera. The women was fine and didn’t leave via ambulance.
And life returns to normal on 13th street
except the police left a little souvenir on a tree that will remain there forever.