Parties: Birthdays and Going Away Parties were on the agenda this weekend – Erin Elmore & Doug & Holly Kammerer

Birthdays and Going Away Parties were on the agenda this weekend. For this edition I’m going to cover Doug & Holly Kammerer as well as Erin Elmore’s 3rd Anniversary of PhillyChitChat covering her birthday party. I popped into Roosevelt Pub (as I was on my way to a birthday party at Positano Coast, which I will chat about tomorrow) on Saturday night for The Kammerer’s going away party. It didn’t matter that they went away at the end of the summer as Doug took a job in DC at NBC Washington Ch 4; seeing them on Saturday night was just like seeing them yesterday. It was really fun getting to know them during the time I did PhillyChitChat, and Doug Kammerer was one of the first “news people” that I got to know socially. Then over time I met Holly Kammerer and enjoyed catching up on her life, as I did Saturday night. They were back in town to pack up their house as they finally found a nice house to call home outside of D.C. “It needs a litte TLC” Holly tells me, and the couple is looking forward to lots of house projects and painting, but there will be no stenciling going on, Holly tells me. Congratulations you two and Philly will miss you.
On Friday night

I stopped by Union Trust to help former Celebrity Apprentice, current beauty and attorney, Erin Elmore celebrate her 29th birthday again, but the theme was prehistoric birthday. I was also curious how packed UT was as I rarely get a chance to visit the restaurant; the restaurant was doing a brisk business and the bar downstairs was crowded. There was a whole bunch of new people at the door greeting the guests and they were very friendly, but I had not a clue who they were. Guess they hired a few new people.
Here’s Erin with beau Tim Lucey who flew in from overseas that evening to be at the party, and Gossip columnist Dan Gross. Dan just participated in the Mummers with wife Holly, if you have a chance check out his clip on his FB page, precious.
Michael Piszek and Jamie Reibenbach; I’d like to follow Jamie around for a weekend, the girls FB page is always populated with fun.Erin Lavelle and Garret Miller. Erin co-chairs the YPN’s Events Committee and is involved with the charity Little Smiles, which Erin volunteers at too.
Lauren Furst and Dave Maser, were introduced by matchmaker Corie Moskow of GlossPR a few months back, and it was a great fit. If her PR biz ever slows down I see another calling.
Jen Grover, Lindsay Kravitz and Tony Rufo. Although the Eagles lost yesterday, Lindsay and Tony enjoyed their box seats and kept each other warm. Jen’s business is booming and she’s just about to set up another branch in Mexico buenas suerte!
Cute couple Rob Dailey and Monique Crawford; clear your calendar as a 2012 wedding is planned
The story of how the song “Happy Birthday to You” came to be, began as a sweet one, that later soured. Two sisters, Mildred Hill, a teacher at the Louisville, Kentucky Experimental Kindergarten, and Dr. Patty Hill, the principal of the same school, together wrote a song for the children, entitled “Good Morning to All.” When Mildred combined her musical talents, as the resident expert on spiritual songs, and as the organist for her church, with her sister’s expertise in the area of Kindergarten Education, “Good Morning to All” was sure to be a success.
Lauren Beloff and Anthony Sembello, looking like a million bucks those two. Everyone seems to be doing the portion control diet, and it works. Doggie bag half your meal when it is served to you.
Dinosaur tattoo
Stephanie Rybczyk and beau Larry Walker
Elaine Grabar, Ali Smith, Tamar Olitsky and Jill Rizen. Elaine and Jill are always styled out.
Brian Bosonac and Ashley Elmore. Since celebrating Erin’s bday last year, Ashley has appeared in The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad. Currently working as a teacher in DC, don’t rule out a move to Philly someday where one hopes a reality show will be in her future with sister Erin.
Biana DeMarco, Kerri Smith, Jen Groover (photos), Ashley Elmore, Elaine R. Grabar (photos), Stephanie Rybczyk (photos), Heather HyeLim Heo (photos), Lindsay Kravitz (photos), Lauren A. Beloff (photos), Danielle Poe (photos), Christa Mangiello, Jill Rizen (photos), Valerie Daily, Monique Crawford (photos), Danielle Krupa (photos),
The only problem with having a birthday is that you keep getting older. However, if i could have a party like i did last night every weekend, I would. So fun. Thank you everyone for coming! It means so much to me! – Erin Elmore (At the end of the week I will be putting all the pixs in the online album with a link here and on FB in case you want copies of the shots above for merely $4 FB size or $10 full size)