SNOW NIGHT: A PHOTO ESSAY of the 1/11/11 Storm


Glad to see it’s surviving, it’s so adorable
OK I’m fascinated with Rittenhouse Square, so much that I would trek there in the middle of the night to shoot strolling lovers in the snow
Or having a snow ball fight. See the snowman in the background
Did you know this is the Tribute of Love statue
St Mark’s Church
Lots of people ride their bikes in the snow. I must have seen a dozen in my 1 hr shoot
Union League: I couldn’t decide which one I like the most
The guys were out shoveling the snow during the storm. There was a nice path down broad street
I remember those days of trekking in the snow coming from work late in the evening. (This is around 10:30PM). It was a wet snow so I headed home around midnight to dry off.
Some of these shots will be available for purchase when I re-launch my greeting cards and fine art biz in February.