Here’s what happened last night: It was a hot time at the new Valanni Social Club
Hot in the City last night. Like a good Madonna re-invention a hot trendy restaurant, probably the first one in the area, Valanni recreates into a hot, sexy lounge after 10PM in the newer side dining area of the adjoining buildings

The new space will also offer a late night menu which will include tapas like gyro lamb skewers with tzatziki sauce and pitas, or an ahi tuna tartare in a balsamic soy glaze, plus drinks like Martinis, margaritas including one with Domaine de Canton, and Mojitos like the Perfect 10 prepped with 10 Cane rum.
and last night was the official grand opening of the new space ushering in many of the beautiful people that already enjoyed their nights out at the cheer’s like atmosphere bar with the recessed lighting, as well as folks in the industry, press, friends, family and influencers. The crowd mixed well, as business cards and stories changed hands. (Ok that was just me)
Ryan Slepian, Susan Banchek, Laura Price and Megan O’Connor
The Loews crew: Megan Kearney, Jonathan Vendrick and Kristen Radcliff. Jonathan tells me he’s going to be in the February issue of Passport Magazine. I can’t wait to read it. Jonathan as you might know is the VIP Concierge over at the Loews. He caters to all the celebs & VIP’s every need. It’s a service that many of the hotels do not have, a single VIP Concierge to take care of the high end customer.
Mike and Marilyn Stollenwerk. Mike tells me he missed Queen Village where his Little Fish BYOB was located and was excited when things came together to resurrect his first love. From the time he thought to re-open to finish they got the place up and running in 8 days; swift is not the word he would use as he tries to open Fathom in Northern Libs where paperwork has been the big obstacle. Marilyn has a great little video of Valanni Social here
Kerb and the stylish & accessorized Jessica Mills. Perfectly matched as Jessica wears grey leggings with a black top, and Kerb with his black top and gray cargo pants. Love the turquoise too.
Another stylish couple, the kids from The Metro entertainment writer Monica Weymouth and the always happy Brett Coppol
Aah the glow of the newlywed: Thomas Petrelli and Alison Whitehill-Petrelli who were just joined in holy matrimony in the Dominican Republic last Friday.
sisters Tabitha Niland and Shannon Niland. Shannon was instrumental in the launch of the Valanni Social lounge.
Laura Burkhardt and mighty Dan Gross, who is not afraid to pull back the curtain and expose the deeds and misdeeds of Philadelphia’s notables. Breaking news former editor of Philly Magazine Larry Platt will helm the Philadelphia Daily News (hat tip Philebrity) and take it into tabloid heaven says WHYYNewswork’s (ie NY Post anyone, just sayin’) I love, love, love the NY Post, Page Six and read it everyday, it’s gonna be fun having a newspaper like that in town.
Our own little Reese Witherspoon lookalike Kate Ryan PR (Valanni Social’s PR representative), Megan O’Connor and Laura Price, Quaker City Mercantile
Chris Gabello, Photographer with Valanni owner George Anni. Chris tells me he is just about to hit the road to take on a few major clients and shoot a few assignments overseas and stateside. It’s been great watching him finally break out. You should friend him on FB and check out the work he and his assistant Zander are doing with video. Very cutting edge, and now.
This is what I like to see two magazine editors getting together and shooting the breeze, no pretense just good ol’ fashion conversation and respect. Where Magazine editor, Kristina Jenkins and Philadelphia Style Magazine editor Kristin Detterline-Munro
In fact the Valanni party brought out lots of folks that you might not see at the same events, but in this case wanted to support the new effort of George Anni; seen at the party was folks from G Lounge, Tre from Voyeur & Woody’s, Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Associates, who stopped in with beau Nigel Richards before flying out to Milan for the Men’s Fashion Week today; (above G Lounge’s Gary Thorpe and Yesnia)(Tre and Waylon [G Lounge], is something going on, I think somethings going on here. BTW which reminds me and this didn’t come from Tre, I hear friends threw her boss [Michael Weiss] a big happy birthday party last Thursday at Woody’s; Happy Birthday.)
James Zeleniak, Punch Media PR with David Wagamen, Capriccio at Cafe Cret 16th and the Parkway. But he also has a Capriccio’s cafe at Will’s Eye Hospital on the first floor face walnut street.
Melissa Logan and Tiffany Harris enjoyed the sliders and the specialty cocktails. Melissa tells me that Mary Van Og the former VisitPhilly editor (who I once called a huge Phillies Phan on PCC) is engaged to Rawle Anders the former tech manager and they now call San Francisco home. Congrats you two.
So go get Social and visit Valanni’s. The DJ will be spinning music Wednesdays through Saturdays, starting at 10:00 PM. Each night of the week there will be a different DJ playing different tunes, from hip-hop to house. Although there is not a live DJ on Sunday and Tuesdays, SOCIAL is every night of the week until 2:00 am. Check out this earlier post I did where you can really dig into the menu as well as see the space without people in it.
lovely gift bag too. Maybe the economy is looking up with the return of the gift bag that’s not just filled with promotional flyer’s, perfume samples and pens?