SNOW DAY: A PHOTO ESSAY of the 1/27/11 Storm – Mostly Art Museum Part 1

SNOW DAY: A PHOTO ESSAY of the 1/27/11 Storm – Mostly Art Museum Part 1
The Waterworks. I never get tired of shooting this scene.
I love how the Flag looks in any setting
Line them up
It was a little unusual that the park peeps would plow the area at the bottom of the steps, especially since this is the landing area. Someone said it was because of the drains, but you will recall about 30 feet from the bottom of the steps are really large drains.

On their way to the Red Bull Butter Cup, which is a contest series that showcases creativity in technical flatland trickery held at Penn State University in the great state of Pennsylvania. This snowboarding contest series is all about going back to the basics of what made us all fall in love with shredding in the first place: FUN! The Red Bull folks thought they would try out the world famous Art Museum steps. They met with a bunch of snowboarders and the steps became a little competition fun. They also set up the speakers so we could all enjoy a few tunes.

sorry about the dirt on the lens, I have to blow some air in there and clean it upwhy oh why does someone have to lay underneath the ramp?

anything works on a good snow day

Fairmount Park Fail. This guy tells the Red Bull guy that there is no soliciting or movable billboards allowed in the park and he has to go.note the people on the purple inter-tube

sure enough this girl landed on her FACE at the bottom of steps
a short time later I saw the ambulance come.Hope she’s ok. I was chatting with the Red Bull folks and missed the next few shots, but they said the ambulance took the girl away.
But for the most part people had a great time. Just watch it at the bottom of the steps, and next time maybe the guys who plow the apron at the Art Museum will be a little more kind and plow a path at least 20 feet from the bottom of the steps. jeez