PHILLY AUTO SHOW BLACK TIE TAIL GATE PARTY Photos & Tales. I thought I would ask a few of the subjects “If they were a car, what car would they be?

The 2011 Philadelphia Auto Show Black Tie Tailgate benefiting the Center for Autism Research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation has named the Center for Autism Research (CAR) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as the event’s beneficiary. CAR is one of the largest and most comprehensive autism research centers in the world. Its goals are to identify the causes of autism spectrum disorders and develop effective treatments.FRIDAY NIGHT the Philadelphia Convention Center was filled with sleek bodies both with wheels and kicks.Check out the kicks on Karen Sajda wearing Calvin Klein, here with Adam Spivak (r), and my guy Mike Toub, this is one of those events that Mike loves to attend with me. Last year our visit to the car show helped us pick out our new car this year, but Mike doesn’t mind shopping for his next car in advance.

On the first floor we found the bikes, classic cars, and DUB Live, although I wasn’t completely sure what that was but there was a lot of interactive exhibits here, a rockin’ DJ, and Auto Accessory ally. The auto enthusiastic will find just about everything he needs to satisfy his kit car needs.

Jayme Gravenstine tells me that their favorite cars were the Mini-Coopers, but Ben Cook had to explain what the compact cars were.
Jacqulyn Zimmerk, Sean McDannell and Lena Corice.
Old School Rolls w/driver, no problem Jazqulyn, Sean’s friends said he is a Mustang Shelly, hmm I hope I got that right as I never heard of that car before and finally Lena’s friends think she’s an Aston Martin, red of course. I correctly guessed she was a Leo. I’m one and I have LeoDar. I forgot to ask her how she hurt her foot, some adventurous rendezvous no doubt.
The Black Tie Tailgate party kicks-off the Philadelphia Auto Show each year. Guests enjoyed cocktails, snacks and live entertainment (by Jellyroll) while getting the first glimpse of the hot production, exotic and antique cars on display at the show.
Kyle Westrum and his dad John stand in front of his dream car the candy apple red Audi S4
It was in nearly this same spot that I photographed the Ahluwalia family last year. I have a photo book of a guy that shot his family every year in the same setting for 30 years. It is fascinating. Anyway Jolly, Gurmeet, Simran and Shabani were a sight for sore eyes and it was fun catching up with them again this year.
Ron and Lynette Phillips. Ron has his eye on the BMW 7 Series – black, and thinks Lynette is a sharp Mercedes SL 500
Remember those stories of your mom or grandmom when she and her friends would try and see how many of them could fit in a phone booth, oh you don’t know what that is, never mind. Here are a few friends that want to see if this cars would be perfect for their nights out, up in the front are Ted Derickson, Chris Amber with Sabina Nicola, Amber Tosenberg and Heidi Adams. talking about grandmom, Amber’s mom has 4 smart cars, one for each of her favorite colors, and then drives them when the mood strikes here. It’s better than a mood ring, oh you don’t know what that is, nevermind.

Jillian Gonzales and Kelly Murry both wearing Nicole Miller
Pool anyone?
Cuisine by Starr Catering – The Starr Team: Morgan Bedore, Jennifer Kelly, Jennifer Keck, Emily Burster, Leila Miller, Alison Vitolo, Lindsay Shustermann, and Scott Barnes
This is what Mike looks like when he’s in the passenger seat of our car
No matter how many cameras and camera phones in the world, the photo booth is always worth waiting for.
Lisa Gaudio and Jimmy Kazanjian call it an early night as there needed their rest before the Academy Ball the following night. Now it can be told that Lisa was kind enough to be in the Academy Ball Program on my page that Maria Papadakis sponsored in honor of my sister Judy Dillon Wilkins and Philadelphia Institution Linda Creed, and organization that I volunteer for. Tomorrow I will be publishing the Academy Ball photos I took from my first visit to the the steeped in tradition event. (The Academy Ball Committee is very secretive about who’s in the book til it’s released.)
Anthony Sembello and Lauren Beloff. Definitely one of the most stylish couples I ran into Friday night, sleek bodies and that dress haute.
Dave Abrams, Natalie McGann, Rochelle and Michael Steinberg, and Brett Perloff
just a gratuitous leg shot
Philadelphia Eagles Player Juqua Parker and and his sizzler wife Beth with friends Ed and Shele Schell.
Ron Hansen, Cianel Palmer, Lisa Fresard, Rachel Davidson and Tony Piazza

Karen Bryd and Kelly Kavetiki who decided the convertible Audi was a good place to eat dessert in. Karen would never talk on the phone if she were really in the driver’s seat.
Nancy Alperin-Regini, Dr. Jerry Regni and Morella Blatt – sweet dress. I’m gonna have to give her the golden apple award for her beautiful and unique white dress.
Mandy Lam is a sexy, sleek, sporty & fast Audi boyfriend Jeff Skversky (6ABC Sports) says, 6ABC’s Health and Medical reporter Ali Gorman is a BMW convertible and Jeff is drooling over and is a Masaratti
6ABC’s sports anchor Jamie Spody and Paul Coleman are almost done their wedding preparations for their July wedding they tell me. I wrote about how they met in my column a few months back.
Beautiful dress and couple, Latrice Bryant and Barry Everett