2/10/11 – Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN!!! I am so excited for this event and currently working on getting a few special guests athletes. The event will be 5:30 – 7:30pm.
Bill Rasmussen 1818 Market Street Tickets can be found here.

The Academy Ball Gala Part 2 (Part 1 is Here). Now I have to tell you after the concert I went to Jerry Blavat’s concert at the Kimmel Center and the VIP party at Wolfgang Puck’s. I finally made it back over to the Gala at the Bellevue around 1AM. I started in the ‘food court” as that was where my friends were hanging out, in the “nightclub”.
I couldn’t believe the transformation of the room, it was beautiful. I must find out who did the decor, all I saw in the book was that Valley Forge Flowers provided the floral arrangements, which were stunning.

Harper Blynn band, plus I take you around to show you the nightclub a bit.
Shea Hagy, Angela Nino, Co-Chairs of the Young Friends Committee Teresa Nino and Sam Hamilton with Steve Sader. Young Friends Committees are a good way to introduce the younger generation, the next generation to such an exquisite tradition and charitable cause as the Academy Ball Gala to save one of Philadelphia’s greatest treasured the Philadelphia Orchestra as well as maintain the Broad Street Jewel The Academy of Music.
Justin Wineburgh and Allison Binder. Justin tells me that his clients movie “Rebirth,” premiered at Sundance on 1/21. The film is a documentary directed by Jim Whitaker (8 Mile, American Gangster, etc.), and examines the 10 year period following the 9/11 attacks as it follows 5 people who were impacted by the tragedy. It received great reviews.
Adam Novik and Claire Letts
Kelly Boyd KB Consultants looking stunning in Carolina Herrera with Rich Furino, GM Del Frisco’s
Random folks who stopped mid-dance for me to photograph them. Everyone was having such a good time it was infectious.
Katie, Rachel Moore and Maria Papadakis
Eddie Dseguera, guest and Jeff Miller, GM of Hyatt

I then made my way upstairs, I thought the party went til dawn, but it ended at 2am so I had to work quickly if I was going to see it all.
Everyone looked so beautiful just as I had envisioned
be still my heart waltzes on the dance floor. Alex Donner entertainment. This room is across from the Grand Ballroom. It often holds conferences or as I call it the auction room. When large events utilize the Grand Ballroom, they put their silent auction items and have the cocktail party in this room.
the foyer outside of the Grand Ballroom. I was just here for the introduction of the Chancellor to the Bar earlier in January you might recall.
The Grand Ballroom. I heard that hours earlier it was packed with people.
The Rosalyn McClure Dance Orchestra kept everyone on their feet
Nachman Zada and Margie Obod
more waltzing, so graceful and beautiful.
Fred and Barbara Whit, Renee and Ron Hammond, Chuck & Jo Montufar
CTO’s Downtown Band. There are those shots that reminded me of a glamorous time in life we can only recall in movies or when talking to the older generation. A time when after the gala ended folks would go to the Hunt Club, Harlow’s, Paulumbo’s the Vesper Club. Hang out with Cardinal Dougherty, Jack Kelly, Richard Dilworth, the Mrs Pews, or Clothier, then Ruth Seltzer would write about the various tidbits that occurred that evening, but like me only include the fun moments in her column, and in later years David Iams would recall the night in a similar fashion with his own unique flair. That what I think of when I see the photos on the wall in the Cafe at XIX.

CTO Uptown band was in XIX but as I arrived so late to cover the party I didn’t make it to that room in time before they broke it down.

Matt O’Reilly and Jess Clough being swept up in the music.
The End, until next year. Look for all the photos from tonight to be included in the online album tomorrow. Have a Great Day.