BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE TEN SHOW Plus an Appearance by Cabaret Singer Karen Gross

First up a little PhillyChitChat Chatter:Ceyonce’ Lash tweeted this shot of her and Singer/Actress Michelle Williams (Destiny Child) taken in the lobby of the Merriam Theater on Wednesday. She said it was worth being late for work when she got an autograph & a photo with Michelle.

I love that if you see a show at the Merriam that the actors meet the audience members in the lobby. In NYC, you have to wait outside in the cold by the stage door. See Michelle Williams, Brian White and Clifton Davis in What My Husband Doesn’t Know in your city at until 2/13/

Last night Guppy’s Good Times in Conshohocken was ready for their close up as they are trying out for the Bar Makeover show. I asked someone if it was a restaurant too, and they said “well they serve food but I wouldn’t call it good food. It’s more of a fun bar that needs a touch up.” (Their website could use a freshen up too)

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Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend. HughE


When I was working I never had the chance to do all the things I wanted to like go watch The Ten Show live at the NBC Philadelphia Studios. Now I can, and as many times as I want. If I wanted to I could be like the guy Lenny the Today Show super-fan. But for now we’ll just concentrate on my visit Monday when my friend Karen Gross made an appearance to show case her upcoming cabaret shows. That’s Karen above with her Cabaret PR powerhouse Mike Donohoe.
But for now we’ll just concentrate on my visit Monday when my friend Karen Gross made an appearance to show case her upcoming cabaret shows.

Here’s a whole bunch of behind the scenes of what the studio looks like before the audience comes in, and as Karen rehearses.
Hope my buddy Justin Pizzi is feeling well. We’re supposed to have lunch today.

Karen ran into our old friend PR guy Randy Alexander who reps among others Sellersville Theater. On 2/19/11 Karen Gross will be opening for the legendary comedian Robert Klein at the Sellersville Theater. Ok can we all say, WOW, because that is a wow.

Karen and Maria Papadakis visiting the 10 Show and Aleywa Taylor. an intern who goes to Temple and is studying Communications.
Aditi Roy stops by to visit Karen (OK I called her and told her that Karen and I were in the studio. She’s so sweet.)
Karen and Aditi. I also got to visit my friends in the Non-Stop Studio. It was fun since they are always editing my mug and know what I look like, but I had never met any of them. If you want to check out some of my segments that I do on The Scene with Justin Pizzi you can find them HERE. Plus occasionally I will have postings on of interesting stories I shoot.
Here is a photo from above of the audience members arriving for the show. The studio holds about 70 people. Most days everyone gets a nice gift bag of stuff to take home. I forgot to leave this way so I didn’t get to check out the goods.
Here’s Eight-time Emmy award-winning journalist Lu Ann Cahn

This is the best part of behind the scenes of all the shows I’ve been too. It happens at every talk show including David Letterman and Jay Leno; Producer Mina Sabet welcomes the audience and fills the audience in on the level of clapping, plus chats about the exits and tells them to make sure they have a good time.

not a good Meteorologist Bill Henley shot, but it’s one where he’s saying HughE what are you doing here? This shot is looking towards the Green Room, which is actually green.
Here’s what the set looks like from a back row viewer perspective. The audience members seemed to really enjoy the behind the scenes of changing sets and found it fascinating, as I think you would too.
Above Lu Ann tries a chitlin cheese steak from Chef Carl Redding owner of Reddings Resturant in Atalntic City, NJ; LuAnn said she liked it. Did I mention Free Parking, there’s free parking out back and if you want to meet Bill & Lu Ann they are very hospitable.
After a successful show Karen poses with Bill Henley & LuAnn Cahn.

On Sunday Karen Gross presents “Broken Hearts Brunch” in cabaret in Center City at More Than Just Ice Cream

Sunday, February 13, 2011 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (ET)

then on Valentine’s Day she presents a sexy feast at More Than Just Ice Cream

Check out the Ten Show Monday and Friday at 11AM on NBC10. For tickets to sit in the audience: Send us an email with all your information and maybe you will be chatting with Bill & Lu Ann at the next edition of the 10! show. Make sure you include: your name, address, phone number and email. Also tell us what day you would like to come and the names of all those who will be attending with you. Hope to see you soon. Click here to email our audience coordinator or call 1-877-713-1010.