Lauryn Hill After Her Sold Out TLA Concert – She’s Not the DB She Used to Be

Team Derek waited til the wee hours of the morning and got this shot of a happy looking Lauryn Hill after her sold out standing room only show at TLA. After a hugely successful career with the Fugees then a short stint as a solo artist complete with diva behavior who rarely posed or signed for fans, the eccentric Lauryn retreated from the limelight and raised her family in NJ.
Recently she’s emerge a changed, much matured artist playing small venues to adoring fans and admirer’s. I always liked her, but at the height of her career she could be downright rude and unreliable. So glad to see her looking healthy and smiling. Team Derek caught up with her after her show as she left TLA around 4AM. They are a hardy bunch of fans. Said she was wonderful, signed and posed for pixs. As one would hope after waiting 3 hrs for an artist. I think she looks so beautiful too. Welcome Back!