Coffee has More Caffeine Than Espresso says illy’s Barista at Le Méridien

Italian Barista Champion Giorgio Milos has spent the better part of 20 years perfecting his craft and being the American Ambassador for illy.

Coffee culture—the café, the cup, the espresso itself—not only provides a milieu for creativity, but making and drinking espresso are creative acts in and of themselves. Using a coffee machine, smelling and grinding the beans, pouring the espresso into the right cup—for Illy, “It’s a whole ritual.” Drinking espresso integrates the cultivation of pleasure, the cultivation of creativity, and the cultivation of contemplation into one small cup says Andrea Illy.
Illy has helped Le Méridien bring this café culture into its hotels through Le Méridien Coffee Bars and Le Méridien’s “Creative Hour” coffee tastings. Robert Illy
Georgio says no other beverage has the beneficial effects of espresso on the mind and body. It stimulates creativity and enhances the moment. Partly due to the small amount of caffeine, but mostly due to the aroma and body. What’s that just a little caffeine. It’s true, Georgio told us that espresso has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Espresso is created through transfusion under pressure. The coffee has less time to infuse itself in the water. A pot of coffee allows the caffeine to leech out into the water which results in more caffeine escaping from the coffee bean. The gathering foodies let out a small gasp, all these years we thought that was the part we like about espresso or even cappuccino. It turns out I just like the richer taste better. Check out The Feasts Collin Flatt’s video of from the same event “The Golden Rules of Espresso”