CHITCHATTER: Midtown Village News Changing of the Guard

Tony Goldman, one of the prime movers of New York’s Soho and Miami’s South Beach revivals had a vision for 13th Street about a decade ago. At that time Goldman Properties bought 24 buildings in a swath dubbed Blocks Below Broad, or B3 which sits between Juniper and 12th streets, Chestnut to Walnut streets. Although Goldman was the savior of a street that for many years was a dead end red light district, that name just never caught on even as his neighborhood began to transform into the pedestrian friendly spot he desired . Fast forward to July 2006 another visionary arrived on the scene in the name of James McManaman. James had an idea to create a business association within the same defined area of B3 but re-brand the businesses as “Midtown Village”. At first the idea was met with mixed reactions, but in the ensuring years the name has been embraced and even celebrated as a cohesive town square idea, as 13th Street acts as sort of the Main Street for Midtown Village, but all the blocks around the street are having their own miniature gentrification even the smaller streets like Sansom have successful establishments radiating from 13th Street.

Steve Duross, Duross & Langel, the newly elected President of the Midtown Village Merchant’s Association for 2011 and outgoing president James McManaman at The Loews Hotel at 12th and Market week for the merchant organization’s annual meeting.

Specialty Solutions Mark Beyerle, Councilman Frank DiCicco, First District, City of Philadelphia (who was instrumental in those early years with funding), Jason Evenchick, (Time & Vintage) give James McManaman a token of their appreciation for his years of service. It is a crystal stand with a crystal ball on top. Mark says it’s for James’ vision of what he saw could be in the future. If you have a business in the Midtown area and want to belong to the merchants organization or if you are a member already send them info on what’s going on in your business so they can share the news with your neighbors. contact