Lately I’ve met a lot of readers who wanted to know why I didn’t add their names from their business cards to my subscriber list so they could receive a daily email of my updated entries, I just never thought that was what they wanted me to do. In the future I might do that, in the meantime here’s the form for you to fill out. When you receive the notification to verify your address remember to click the link and then everyday you will receive an update from Also when you receive the link you don’t have to click on every link to read what I wrote, just click on one link then when you are on the site hit the HOME button and all the entries will be on one page. Any suggestions for things you might want to see on I have a few fun ideas coming up soon, as soon as I catch up on my emails.

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I’m having a contest for all subscribers for one ticket to the Reading Terminal’s Valentine “Heat Up The Night” on February 26, 2011. Or you can buy tickets here
I will pick a name on 2/21/11 for a free ticket. (not a pair just one) Thanks for reading me. HughE