Thursday Nights at the Monte Carlo Room, er I mean Table 31; DJ Royale at Whisper & Drew The Mayor Carballo Moves On

What’s going on at Table 31 every Thursday Night.It’s a seemingly normal Thursday night with a few bar patron’s but after the 8PM hour rolls by
It’s Ladies Night

and a flash mob of dancing occurs . Table 31 is taking over where the Monte Carlo lounge left off, or in other words there’s a new place to kick up your heals on the eve of the weekend.
Over the past weeks Ladies Night has turned into an every body’s night at Chef Chris Scardzuio’s popular restaurant in the Comcast Building. The crowd was a little older than 21+ grinding kids you’d find at Recess or Whisper, or even that school on the Mainline that I recently read about in Philly Mag, and that’s perfect, because some of my readers recently asked me for recommendations a place for that would be a little bit more mature. They have a little more money in their pockets and they want still want to get their disco on, but not to House Music. (I would recommend D’Angelo’s off Rittenhouse Square for your weekend Monte Carlo experience, and they actually have couches like a living room.)
Kevin Keyes, Maria Simirglio, Chef Scarduzio, Lauren DiMartino and Felicia Qualiarello were enjoying themselves. The Havertown or was it Haverford, girls usually make AC their hangout (I asked them where they go in the suburbs, and they said AC, hmm, but Thursday night’s at Table 31 has become their recent favorite city hangout. Chef Scarduzio opened Table 31 back in April 2008. It has the best outdoor dining in the City. Great hang out place to see and be seen.

Tamar and Stephen Olitsky get their boogie nights on each and every Thursday night.
Yeah this vids are dark, but you gotta hear the mix from DJ Johnny Looch

Talking about in the mix: My Saturday Night stop always includes Whisper DJ Royale takes you on a musical ride of your mind and body.
There’s another reason to stop by Whisper at 1712 Walnut Street Philly Saturday night and that’s my boy, the Mayor Drew Carballo’s, last night at Whisper and the night life life as a job. He’s packing it in, putting on a suit, oh wait he’s usually in a suit, well he’s landed him a sweet deal over at Del Frisco’s. You know how it happened. Rich Furino, GM of Del Frisco’s was in Whisper one night. (He reads my blog, as well as being a friend and knows I’m a fan of Whisper.)Rich tells me he went into Whisper a few months back and Drew approached him, didn’t know who he was or anything like that and just made sure he got a drink and he was having a good time. Just like Drew “The Mayor” would do for anyone. He takes care of you, he’s smooth, he’s sincere and he’s good people to know. Rich observed him over a period of time, and eventually Rich offers him a manager job over at Del Frisco’s. He leaves next week to do 6 weeks of training in Texas, home of the Del Frisco, then goes to Sin City to test out his chops. Then you can go see him at the Philly Del Frisco as that is where he will be working as he joins the solid management team over there with Carmen Tedesco, Tumoor Haye and Christina. He’s going to fit right in. I’m so happy for him. BTW Last night I was at Del Frisco’s shooting a party I’ll be writing about next week, and ran into
Vittorio Assaf, (Owner Serafina NYC & Soon to be Philly), Fabio Granato (Owner Serafina NYC & soon to be Philly), and Rich Furino (GM Del Frisco’s Phila) in the wine tower of Del Frisco’s. Kelly Boyd is the PR for both properties and brought the Serafina guys over to see the Philly Del Frisco’s. The guys were awestruck at the massive, but gorgeous building. Tuesday I will give you a little glimpse inside Serafina Philly and their plan. The guys are super nice, and so excited to open in Philly. Have a great President’s Weekend. I hope to catch up on all the emails I haven’t gotten to regarding events for the calendar, advertisement opportunities and tidbits. Thanks HughE