Serafina Philadelphia Names Their Chef

Serafina opens in April, but today another piece of the puzzle can be revealed

Vittorio Assaf (left) and Fabio Granato (right) owners of Serafina, a restaurant coming to Rittenhouse Square, are excited for the grand opening in April. The duo already own a handful of restaurants in NYC. The location is perfect as it’s on what I think is going to be the next little restaurant row, 18th Street between Walnut and Chestnut (After Audrey Claire opens her new place in the former Snackbar, Cook.)
Buddakan’s former longtime executive chef Scott Swiderski, left the Starr restaurant last summer saying he wanted to spend time with his family, then look for a restaurant “with a good fit.” First he did a stint at The Tap House in West Philly late last summer, then he opened The Corner on Thirteenth Street in December with sous chef John “Chainsaw” Taus (previously of Snackbar where he received rave reviews from Craig Le Ban, then he left to take a break landing at the Diving Horse in Avalon [licking my chops thinking of my birthday dinner there]). (Scott’s departure was first noted by Grubby Gossip

“Swiderski out @, which means Taus is back as Exec. What menu changes can we expect?,” I already knew but I was waiting for confirmation from Serafina to release the news as it was a done deal last Monday.)

Now Scott Swiderski moves on to Serafina with the well wishes of the folks at The Corner. “It’s a great opportunity for Scott to work for a large outfit like Serafina” said the folks at The Corner.

The Corner was thrilled that Scott Swiderski was on board to open the 13th Street restaurant, and is equally thrilled that Scott is going to helm the latest restaurant to join the thriving restaurant community in the hot market of Philadelphia. (first floor dining room The Corner above)
Celebrated chef John “Chainsaw” Taus will now head up the kitchen and continue producing the delicious, cutting edge dishes he’s popular for. The above two photos were taken of The Corner last Friday night. Bottom shot is the outdoor patio, which will open again when temps climb above 60F