MY Spontaneous trip to the Philadelphia Zoo

Now that I am doing my blog and event photography full time I snuck away to the Phila Zoo on Wednesday to photograph the animals in what I hope will be the last snowfall of the year.

According to UWISHUNU:
National Geographic Entertainment and the Philadelphia Zoo have joined forces to focus on seriously declining international lion populations. (I realize this is a tiger, but I didn’t see any lions when I was there on Wed)The famous lion statues at the entrance to the zoo will “disappear” temporarily when they’re covered in a bright yellow tarp starting today, February 22. The lions will then be re-introduced in a ceremony on February 28 at 10 a.m., when the zoo’s curator of carnivores will share some of the alarming facts about this decline and what the Philadelphia Zoo is doing to aid in this cause. For more information on what you can do, and to see the “Last Lions” film, check out UWISHNU But first check out a few photos of some of the animals that I photographed on Wednesday when I spontaneously went to the Zoo.
It was great to get out of the house, and or obsess about “What’s going on in Philly”, “What Stories I should be writing next?”, reading my endless emails and press releases etc
I don’t go to the Zoo enough, and I really have no excuse it’s only about 3 miles from my house within walking distance. I love animals and they are fun to shoot. There were about 3 dozen people there when I arrived about 1:30PM. Winter rates $14; Trolley $2; I walked home.They don’t mind if I shoot them candidly or if their mouths are open,
tongue hanging out and drooling.
Remember making those shadow kangaroo ears or was it rabbit ears on the wall?
This is a panther, and these scary beasts can be found along the Western States, and Mexico.
Duck, duck, penguin (ok there’s only one duck in this picture)
Here’s the other duck (The zoo has a big bird cage, which is open air between two doors and a roof. The Docent told me that she has only been crapped on 5 times since August. Consider herself luck.
Cat nip. I swear a minute before this the kid was running up and down passed the glass enclosure and that panther was following his every move. The family thought it was funny, I’m sure the panther thought it as it’s food was teasing her. I had my video camera rolling just in case the pather could break through the netting.
The squirrel monkeys were fascinated by their tails. This one is playing hide and seek.
The other polar bear was lying in the grass. She didn’t want anything to do with the snow.
Kiss me once, kiss me twice, kiss me once again. Tomorrow night Valentine Comes to the Reading Terminal. We have a winner for the ticket. Next up the Flower Show tickets. I have about 10 people who guessed Bette Midler was from Hawaii. Do you know what next year’s theme for the Flower show is? That drawing will be decided Monday. Then we have The Bellevue gets Engaged contest. Ck on the link for info and tickets. It’s a fun event.
Don King inspired no doubt

Adorable!! Friday touch up at the salon.
Last night while I was eating a Kokopelli Restaurant and Tequila Bar (They’re a new advertiser so note the live link cause it’s a benefit when you’re an advertiser.) Any who I had too much delicious coffee there and am rambling. But last night while I was at dinner, tennis great Andre Agassi was speaking at The Wharton School of Business and then had dinner at Pod.
I have 5 fingers. Yep we originated from apes I believe. Of course god created those apes, so please no letters or emails.
I spoke to Thom Cardwell last night. He tells me that the Prince Theater’s Oscar Viewing Party was canceled because the guys from Comcast couldn’t run a cable to broadcast the show on the large screen in the theater. I don’t know of any Oscar Viewing Parties this year, and that’s a shame.
Person on cell phone nature is occurring right under your nose and you are missing it
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