Happy 3rd Anniversary G Lounge Saturday night I stopped by G Lounge. I hadn’t been there in a while and wanted to check out the place as it had recently been “freshened” after opening 3 years ago. And with another club opening within blocks sometime this month, you gotta keep up with the Jones’ as they say. When you first walk into the club you will pass the “water wall” on the right. It’s gonna tell you exactly where you are now.
The club went all out with cocktails and entertainment.
The place was packed with regulars, old friends and newbies
GM Waylon Nelson broke out the bubbly. Here with Erin Como.
Andrea Helfrich was on hand sash less but with friend Lee Ann Burke
The VIP Bottle Service area was jumping
The ground breaking LCD lights were given an update
Security guards were looking serious
Happy Wedding on 4/9/11
Our front door girls
The bubble boy gets ready for his show. Don’t try this with you condoms at home.

Random shots of people as I forgot to hit save on my android phone with the names
Thanks for being a reader of send me your name and I will add it here.
Hung out with friends Ron Zausidsky and Preston & Steve’s Marisa Magnatta , Danny Schuyler and Fox29’s Erin Como

The Vault also underwent a touch up too, the larger red drapery is gone, and the whole room has been opened up. Now if you are having a private party drapes can adjust to the size of the compartment that you want. Happy Anniversary G lounge!!