JERSEY SHORE AT R2L, G Philly Launch & Taylor Momsen

Today’s entry covers Jersey Shore peeps coming into town for a meet and greet. If you’re a gossip girl you don’t want to miss Taylor Momsen and Philadelphia Magazine launches a new magazine geared towards GLBT, but info everyone can use too. Have a great weekend. HughE

Jersey Shore in Philly on Wednesday Night (P.S. Don’t be mad I didn’t tell you. P.S.S. Some of my friends were irritated at me for not telling them, but I’m not a fan of fans in my pictures.):Not since Barbra Striesand sat her golden tush at Table 94 in November has R2L had such a top secret gig as Wednesday night when oddly Comcast invited their client advertisers to a Jersey Shore beach party at their 37th floor perch high above the City at the Liberty Residences (Thank you to a PCC reader for the tip.) Oddly because Comcast/NBC doesn’t own the Jersey Shore franchise, but Comcast certainly broadcasts the show, why was it a client advertisement gig. We are nearing the Spring season when NYC hosts the Upfronts which is when advertisers flock there to be wined, dined and entertained by the talent that comes on our little boxes in our living rooms. Is there a new show in the works, a special, very interesting. Anyway…

Fresh off his celebrity cook off at the Reading Terminal Valentine’s Day Gala last Saturday, R2L’s chef Daniel Stern prepared a clambake for the guests at the meet and greet with Jersey Shore guido Vinny Guadagnino and guidette’s Sammi Sweetheart Giancola and Deena Nicole Cortese.
Pictured above in Sammi Sweetheart sans Ronnie. Are they together still, mum was the word. Is the show real or is this what we call laughing all the way to the bank.
The 2011 South Jersey Restaurant Week presented by SJ Hot Chefs begins March 20th
Speaking of hot, hot mess model, “Gossip Girl” actress and Teen Queen of Bad Behavior, Taylor Momsen, and her band Pretty Mess play The World Café Live Tonight at 8PM. I have a paid gig so I’m gonna have to miss it, other wise I would have been right up front to capture the hot mess as I did at Fashion Night Out in NYC 2009

The City got a little Gayer last night when Philadelphia Magazine’s new bi-yearly gay magazine G Philly launched.

The event was held at the Loew’s Hotel, definitely one of the most Gay Friendly hotels in the City. Host of many gay events including the QFest Closing Night Party last July, GPPN & IBA events, as well a choice hotel for Lady Gaga when she comes to town (That’s a tip to you Monsters)
You can check out G Philly online too as it’s Philadelphia magazine’s newest blog about the region’s LGBT community. Visit for timely posts about style, politics, celebrity, sports and anything related to the gay community in Philly. Also look for daily events and weekend updates about where to go if you’re LGBT in the region. Meg Rider, Community Programs Coordinator at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Steve McCann, founder and editor of PhillyGayCalendar, one of the most helpful tools for the GLBT community. He was really a trailblazer when it came to organizing and compiling online info, and events for the gay community, and Editor of online: Natalie Hope McDonald, she does a bang up job with getting the news to us on a daily basis. I’m impressed everyday with the work she does.
Erica Wurster and Stephan Bray of TD Bank (Note the green top and he has green in his tie. I wonder if that is a company policy, “You must wear green even when it’s not St. Patrick’s Day.”) Congrats to Erica as she’s about to be a mommy.
Another Erica as in Atwood, the Mayor’s Office, David Torres, Gloria Casarez, Director, Office of LGBT Affairs and Thom Cardwell. Thom is gearing up for another successful year in movie magic with CineFest beginning in April. Hope you will all come out and support it. Thom is hands down the most stylish man in Philadelphia. I should have taken the fashion shot as he has matching green shoes that go with that scarf.
Lauren Dancer, Tieryney, Patrick Hardy, Tierney, Cathy Engel, PECO and Josh Torrisi, Tierney. Congratulations to Cathy who is getting married next week. The first and last time I photographed her she was on her first date with the guy she’s going to marry (10th pix, but I don’t know which guy.) So sweet.
Philly Mag Crew: Jenn Shockley, Danielle DiGiovanni, Alana Tosti and Rob Shockley. It’s apparent that Philly Mag, like Bassett Ice Cream & GPTMC doesn’t have a no married to spouse who works for the same company, which is very nice. Another relationship among these folks is Jenn’s old boss at Conde Nast was Alana’s old boss at Conde Nast, but they never worked together.
Kevin Gatto and Cristian David The Debonair Duo. Christian is excited to officially announce his affiliation with Prudential Fox & Roach – Society Hill Marian Conicella Publisher/Vice President of Philadelphia magazine with Bruce Yelk, GPTMC and He’s sponsoring Dragapalooza: Broadway Divas next Saturday night.
at Voyeur Nightclub, Philly’s most notable drag queens will put on a show, Dragapalooza: Broadway Divas is a fabulous celebration of “The Great White Way’s” music, choreography, and drama! Doors open at 8 PM, and the show will begin promptly at 9 PM. Voyeur – 1221 St. James Street – Philadelphia The girls with Jeff GuaracinoVP of Communications with GPTMC; Jeff loves G Philly and looks forward to a mass distribution in NYC and many of the Cities the tourism organization pitches to bring visitors to Philadelphia.
Andy Petruzelli, Danny Matos and Felipe Fuentes enjoy the premier issue of G Philly
Picture Perfect: Janine White, Executive Editor of Philadelphia Magazine, Jeff Fusco and Zoey Sless-Kitain, Photography Director at Philadelphia Magazine. Jeff tool most of the photos that are in the new G Philly Magazine. Great guy, fantastic photographer, great mentor. Glad to know him.
Tracy McSherry, Colin McSherry and Emily Goulet P.S. People in Philly Mag accounting, I promise to pay my subscription bill, I just got 2nd notice, it’s not that I don’t have the money I just can’t find my check book. I usually do online banking. I wish I had just given you a ten spot tonight. Can I pay by cash?
Jimmy Contreras, Derrick Monte Carlo, Matthew Vlahos. Philly Street Style tells me he will be making another appearance on The Ten Show in a few weeks to showcase Spring Fashions.
Mike LaMonaca, Steve Cisowski and Frank Calabrese
Jim, Theresa Vickery and Derrick Monte Carlo. Theresa works at Liquid, which is above Franklin Mtg & Company. On Michael Klein’s blog today he reported that there’s an orange LCB sign in the window of Liquid. I did hear the rumor that Franklin Mtg & Company is going to turn it into some kind of conceptualized eatery. Seriously my source said conceptualized. I guess Liquid is moving, no word on where yet. I guess shops on 18th Street should heed this as a warning shot that your rents are going up now that 18th Street is the place to be.
Paul Amentt, Thom Cardwell and Chad Merriweather/ That Thom Cardwell gets around.
Matthew Ray, James Dugan, Founder of QueerTimes weekly online news letter, Renee Gilinger and Mike Marsico. Renee tells me that on 3/22/11 Queers on the Avenue celebrates their 2 year anniversary with our co-hosts the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus at the place where it all started – Paradiso Restaurant 1627 East Passyunk Avenue. Count me in!!
Blair Weikert and Rob Saxon just returned from Hawaii which they said was a dream vacation, even though the trip there is 13 hrs, ugh!
Toni Lavalier, Philly Mag, Harry Giordano, City of Hope and Barry Planner. Harry tells me the City of Hope Charity Let Them Eat Cake is coming up 4/11 at the Loews.
It must be so difficult to be so shy. Actually Tracy Seng, Marketing Director of Philadelphia Magazine has much to celebrate as the event was a smashing success. Plus the Loews Hotel’s Beverage & Facilities Manager, David Hall did an outstanding job on the layout of the room, the food stations and the decorations.
The room was so beautifully done I just had to ask who did it. Lighting was done by Eventions and the flowers by Design Flowers. Pick up G Philly at any of the sponsors including The Loews Hotel, Sampan, Starr Restaurants, Sugarhouse, The Palomar Hotel, and others.
And let me thank my sponsors for the week. The CTO Band, The Corner restaurant, PIFA, Kokopelli, Del Frisco’s, The Sporting Club and Karen Gross – Cabaret Singer If you want to advertise on PhillyChitChat email me at buzz @ You get more than just a static ad with us, you get Social Media too. I work it girl!!