You’re tune for the day filmed last night at Tendenza

Before heading out to capture the Mardi Gras mayhem a reader tipped me off that Actor Luke Wilson, the Hollywood B-lister, was seen walking near Rittenhouse Square Tuesday afternoon about 4PM, but I was getting ready to go out and well half not believing such a random sighting, I tweeted the sighting. I received more sightings from my tweeter followers, and as my mentor always told me 2 sources does the trick. On Monday he was seen at the Four Season’s Hotel; Tuesday one female fan followed him up 18th Street towards the Four Season’s hotel. (not recommended in following celebs unless it’s Madonna, Lady Gaga or James Franco) Another women Tweeted me that her husband and their puppy saw him at Parc. Later he was seen on South Street where he blew two young fans off. So beware of approaching cranking celebrity, his brother Owen was cranky when he was here too. I then posed the Tweeter question to Dan Gross & Michael Klein to find out what he was doing here; today in Gross’ column he stated he doesn’t know and neither did Wilson’s talking head. Guess he made friends here when he made that movie “Tenure” last year. Did it ever come out? BTW I hear Gov Corbett saved the Film Tax Credit in the budget he released yesterday, it’s still off a few million dollars but it’s great that he recognizes the dollar value that making films in Pennsylvania creates. Thank you. Now about those schools?
Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday. (Spring forward on the Clocks THIS WEEKED TOO) It is also known as Mardi Gras Day or Shrove Day. It is a day when people eat all they want of everything and anything they want as the following day is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of a long fasting period for Christians. Nowhere on the planet is Fat Tuesday celebrated more than on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, but for those folks who couldn’t make it to the French Quarter, Tendenza on North 2nd street located in The Piazza at Schmidts was just the ticket for friends of Philly2Night and Southern Comfort. Anchoring the southernmost point of the Piazza at Schmidt’s in Northern Liberties is the Cescaphé Event Group’s third incomparable venue: Tendenza. I wrote about Tendenza back in December when it first opened, but I hadn’t been inside yet. The space is really beautiful, modern, great lighting and I’ve already told you before that Cescaphé has some of them most delicious food in Philly. I spoke with maitre d’ Michael Erace on right (If the name sounds familiar it’s because his son Adam is a fantastic food writer for the City Paper.) and he tells me that the space can accommodate any event and holds up to 350 people for a stand up event, like tonight or 250 people for a sit down wedding. Jason Caruso on left.Above Carol Drumstas, Brown Forman Beverages and Brian Nagele, President and Founder of welcome the guests.
Corey Novak, Janelle Quick and April Novak
Kyle Cuffie-Scott, Mike Morrow, Check out his Philly Social Status Site, Yasmin Hines and Selina Carrera

The most popular drink served at this Mardi Gras party was:

Southern Comfort Hurricane

1 1/2 ounces Southern Comfort
1 1/2 ounces dark rum
2 ounces orange juice
2 ounces pineapple juice
3/4 ounce sweet and sour
3/4 ounce lemon-lime soda
Splash of grenadine
Orange slice, maraschino cherry and lime wedge for garnish
Pour liquids into shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a tall tulip glass. Garnish with orange slice, cherry and lime wedge. Makes 1 drink.With each drink you finished you racked up a few more beads. By the end of the night I had to save one lass from choking herself with all the beads around her neck.Rhonda Clark Carlson, Andi Pesacov, Kate Bailey, Carol Drumstas and Dana Spain were tearing up the dance floor about 30 minutes later.

Kate Beaver, Arthur Kade and Courtney GrantI wonder where these two Irish peeps will be next Thursday? Maggie Mahoney plants one on Bob Biddle.
Dustin Kaplan, Raelle Katlin, Uri Jacobsen (my soon to be new advertiser – Bare feet Shoes) and Allison MooreDennis Gauidenzi, Paula Stafford and Erica Drebreeh recall seeing me at the Red Ball. “Did you see us dancing with CTO on stage singing our version of “Living on a Prayer.” Ahh no, but I wish I had taped it.
Comedian Nick Z (I think he’s on to something?) and Guns Tim Burr
Southern Comfort hospitality and the Mardi Gras spirit of street performers
Steve Christine founder, president and inventor of the AWD technology who recently launched Christini AWD (All Wheel Drive) bikes, Blaze Pestcoe, Lauren Richmond, Jason Zitter and John Fairey.
See if you can spot Dana and the girls tearing it up. It was a nice crowd, kept at about 277 people, and as the night wore on lots of mingling commenced among the groups. Unlike New Years eve when folks go crazy, those moments occurred most every time someone did a shot of Scarlett O’Hara
Harry Spivak and Jon Spivak tell me there’s an H.A. Winston’s Facebook Page for Alumni. There family owned HA Winston’s and I worked at the one in Cherry Hill for about 3 memorable years. It was a party everyday, and burgers for lunch, dinner and after work. It’s probably why I love burgers more than anything. Here’s the link
Megan Usefara and Kevin PetriAmit Gabai, Photographer for Philly2Night, massage therapist and launching a wedding photography business. Hit him up.
Food did I mention it, delicious. Burger and Crab Cake sliders, and the crocodile gone in a minute. I guess these days with the crocodile explosion down in the Everglades this could become a delicacy. Above Roger Figuera, Thiago Lopes and Morella Tele with friends.
Ryan Dorsey, owner of Recess night club in the house. Can you spot him?
Things started getting crazy fun near midnight with Kevin Arrell, Jenna Leigh and Dennis Protsouk
Lisa Smith, Kristin Feerst and Lisa Smith were enjoying their Scarlett O’Hara they tell me. Although no chests were bared for beads, everyone seemed to get into the fun of wearing silly fun hats and wearing lots of beads.
Party On Girl
(Thanks to Southern Comfort for hiring me to shoot this event. The editorial part was all my own.)