GOSSIP, TIDBITS & Eric Garrison Book Signing: Mind-Blowing Lovemaking Techniques

Starting off this entry with my new weekly series of fun purchases I see on my walkabout town. I’m not a big on buying things anymore, especially now that I’ve seen hoarders and thought oh I’m on my way to being on that show, but I love to window shop.

Window Shopping this week took me to The Shops at Liberty Place. It’s easy to fall in love with a lot of the items in this store Bella Turka and I love browsing whenever I’m in the neighborhood.

I love these bowls at Bella Turka in Liberty Shops and they are selling out.

This frame is also cute and I am in love with angels. I highly recommend this store but don’t take my word for it the folks at Yelp love them too.

Right down the hall from Bella Turka is The Big Green Earth Store. I first was introduced to this store when I judge a window they had entered into the Flower Show Contest. What sold me was the Eiffel Tower made out of recycled water bottles. These stars are perfect for your house, balcony or patio. Get 10% off with this coupon.

The students at the Art Institute paid a dollar for their contribution to this art work. The funds were donated to The Please Touch Museum.

Navteq mapping the streets of Philly. See the camera on top, I waved. Maybe someday I’ll show up here.

Phillycentric Celebrity Gossip:

Is Wilmington’s Ryan Phillippe going to be a dad again? That’s what the gossip blogs are saying. What’s interesting is I don’t think he’s with that girl anymore and like a good soap opera she swears it’s his and not her new boyfriends.

Bradley Cooper visited The New York Stock Exchange yesterday. The handsome hunk is out and about promoting his new movie “Limitless” which comes out on Friday. (I saw it, and thought it was good, but wish they didn’t reveal so much in the trailer.) Stocks closed down at 11,993 today, but I don’t think we can blame it on BC.

Is Lumiere Luxury Suite closed or was that sign just because it was closed?

Finally coming: La Columbe to The Residences at the Ritz Carlton as uwishunu noted in January. Earlier mention was by Michael Klein back in Nov 2010

Outside Finnegan’s Wake on Saturday night. This guy on the phone is chatting with some girl and says “If you don’t get back here in 15 minutes, I am going to tell your mom what a drunk you are.” ME: I can’t wait to shoot the crazy fun on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Blue Cross Ice Skating Rink is closed for the season. I think that little ground hog was right. On April 1 The Phlash begins, but I hear it’s the last season the purple bus will make it’s appearance on our City streets. I love the quirky little route it takes. I’ll miss it.

BOOK SIGNING: Eric Marlowe Garrison: Mastering Multiple Position Sex: Mind-Blowing Lovemaking Techniques That Create Unforgettable Orgasms 3/18/11 Sexploratorium, 620 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA 7PM – 8PM and on Sunday March 20th, 1-6pm (Not sure if there is a demonstration with those hours.) Sexploratorium, 620 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA