Yesterday afternoon I finally got out and took a walk around Center City. Whenever I do that I always find stories to tell.
I Goldberg at 13th & Chestnut. As the weather gets warmer the last thing I want to think about is anything wool, but hey I do like sales.
Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Joan from Kohn, Swift & Graf (also stopped by to visit my old office mates) at McGillin’s on Drury Lane. On my way to lunch I caught this crew of friends all wearing orange jackets. Today this street is going to be packed. It’s a tradition for me to stop by on St Patrick’s Day, but someone hired me for an event so I won’t be making it this year. Also I recommend Moriarty’s, Kokopelli and the Irish Pub.
Check out the Graffiti Bar sign just installed at Sampan. Today for St. Patrick’s Day their drink special is Emerald Isle Martini. It will be vodka, cointreau, midori, and a splash of pineapple for $6 all day both inside and outside. The 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships are in town and the organizers have done an excellent job at directing them to the subway for their trip to the Wells Fargo Center. If you look closely the subway is wrapped in the wrestling logo and a sign that says enter hear.
I love when the ladies who lunch walk down Walnut Street dressed to the nines, which is decked out with a hat.
A new LED traffic light at Broad & Walnut
The bike rack outside of the dorms for the Art Institute.
The DoubleTree is owned by Hilton now
Broad & Spruce
PIFA starts April 7. Really check the schedule, so many amazing events. This is the 80 foot Eiffel Tower they are constructing at the Kimmel Center. Unbelievable!!
Applebee’s near 15th & Locust has Line Dancing on Wednesday nights, where? Guess the 2nd floor, which was where the locker rooms were when I worked at Bookbinder’s 15th Street back in the 90’s. See the lobster on the railing.
Alan Rubin appearing at the Holt Cigar shop on Walnut Street 3/25/11; The clerk tells me he’s new to the cigar business, but hugely popular. His cigars called Alec Bradley is the combined name for his sons.
10% of all sales bought at Joan Shepp will be donated to the American Red Cross for the people of Japan. I went in today to see if I could photograph the dress Anne Hathaway bought the other day. They only had one. Joan asked how I knew and I told her a reader who shops at her store told me. Then she said 4 significant people had read it on my blog and called her. She said do you know the power of your blog? (Sounds like a good sound bite for my advertisement campaign.)
What happened to Details? I loved that place. I know that the original owner retired and two of the girls that worked at the shop took over about 4 years ago. They opened a 2nd place at the Comcast Center. Even their website is gone. NOTICE: This domain name expired on 03/05/2011
City Paper honor boxes look brand spanking new. I think the Onion needs to go here, there’s a space
New bar Xchange near 20th & Market. Sorry ass neon sign on the roof
Whisper (1712 Walnut) is having a Pickle Back special for St Patrick’s Day.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Keep it safe!! Hope it wasn’t too lame of a post. I had to do my taxes tonight and it bogged me down.