Michael Klein gives up his Philadelphia Inquirer Inqlings Column

Michael Klein gives up his Inqlings Column:Thank you Michael Klein, Phila Inquirer, for publishing my photos for the past 4 years. It was an honor working with you and you have helped me spread the word about so many great charities in Philadelphia as well as fun events & people. I am grateful that you were my mentor and friend for these past years; And who wouldn’t dream of being published in the paper every week, it was a thrill to me, (& to mom). I will miss working with you. I know you are all hungry for info on what Mike is going to do next, but you will have to read his column in the Inquirer which is on newsstands right now, and of course will be delivered to my doorstep tomorrow.
With a heavy heart, HughE (I remain covering Charities, Events, Gossip, Celebs, Tidbits and the people of Philly everyday.)

UPDATE FROM MICHAEL KLEIN’S Blog: Saturday, March 26, 2011
A notice appears at the end of my Sunday “INQlings” column in The Inquirer. To summarize:

  • No more INQlings. Ten years. Enough. Thanks.
  • I’m headed to for an exciting challenge.
  • I will continue writing for The Inquirer, including “Table Talk.” Print is good.
  • This here “Insider” blog will remain, as well.

Now back to our regular programming.

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And from the paper, which is now online with my last photos in his column too:

Au revoir

And just like that, my time at “INQlings” draws to a close, after more than 1,400 columns since its debut in 2001. My next stop is at, for an exciting challenge. Meanwhile, I will continue writing for The Inquirer – including the “Table Talk” restaurant column – and feeding foodstuff into my “Insider” blog at Thanks for your tips, your feedback, and, most of all, your attention.