THE WHITE BALL AT THE BELLEVUE STRATFORD (That’s What the Invite Said. Guess they were invoking the hey day of Balls)

I dropped the ball on this Ball. It happened over a month ago, I kept planning to write about it but breaking news, hired gigs and other events just kept pushing it out of reach. Hosted by: Loraine Ballard Morrill and The 2011 “White Tie Humanitarian Award” Honorees MoShay Laren Ukee Washington E.Steven Collins
Also a Special “4.0 Celebration” for Media Guru and Social Innovator – Shelton Mercer – and Celebrity Photographer – Bill Andrews
This event was dope, it was great it had legs. There were at least 5 PR lists operating together to get the word out, and boy did the word get out.
Folks from every walk of life were there, social status, and age level. Everyone was dressed so beautifully. You can’t quite see it, but that is a huge ice sculpture behind them with all the sponsors’ names carved into it. Above: PHL 17’s Damian Muziani and Adriana Alveario
I spoke to a few of my peeps and they told me they loved the diversity, and The CTO Band (Voted BEST OF KNOT® 2011), I think they are awesome.
Black is still kicking as the color of choice but a few embraced the next seasons colorful drag and I applaud them.
Jamyra is going for that glamour goddess look with her hair styling, Amber and Melony very chic. I still have to write about the Jr League’s fashion show last week at the Piazza in which Amber modeled on the cat walk. That will come up this week or maybe next Sunday. It was a great event, great space, but again I’m in the weeds with entries.
Red pumps
Dancing to the beat of your own drum is encouraged
It was called the White Tie Ball and some peeps did adhere to the theme. It was a hugely successful night, very crowded and a lot of money was raised for the Variety Club.
Bringing back the gloves. As a gift to you all I will put these photos in my online album tomorrow and you can claim them for free since I was too late and lazy to put all your names down. There was a fun photo booth, which is all the rage at parties these days no matter how many cell phone cameras are out there.
Stylistic! I was really impressed by the ladies. Down and out Hollywood glamour.
Beautiful colors
Guys gone wild! There’s a lot of off the record going on with these boys after hours, let’s just leave it at that.
An Amazing Evening of Dancing, Designer Cocktails, Live Entertainment, Style, and Charitable Giving. Proceeds will benefit Variety, the Children’s Charity. A stylish evening of Fun & Excitement awaits you at the inaugural White Tie Ball, taking place on March 11, 2011. Enjoy beautifully prepared food stations. Discover true Grandeur, and service at Iconic Downtown Philadelphia hotel – The Bellevue.
The VIP section looking on as Lorraine Ballard welcomes the guests.

Ron & Marisa and Peter Breslow
Kharisma and my reader Tom Fisher. Thanks for saying hey!!
There was an awesome fashion show. After the show was over the runway was dismantled and the dance floor exploded with dancing shoes until the wee hours of the morning.