The Junior League of Philadelphia Green Fashion Show – It was just as Fashionable in the Audience

Every year the incoming membership of the Junior League of Philadelphia hosts a gala fundraiser, this year the membership decided to do something different and host its first annual Green Carpet Event: an eco-friendly fashion show featuring the latest fashion trends at the Piazza in Northern Liberties. Proceeds support their signature focus Project GREEN: Using Nature to Nurture. The idea was superb and I know that a lot of work went into the project, but mother nature did not cooperated and it was freezing; There was an open bar and everyone seemed to want a hot toddy at the same time.
There were sponsor vendors surrounding the perimeter of the event including Duke & Winston’s Seun Olubodun
Mary Ortiz and Rosa Martinez. I had to break it to them that there was no tent and that should pick up a pair of pants at one of the clothiers at the Piazza.
these two peeps are fashionably warm for this freezing cold night: Kelsey Clark & Rebekha Kocak sporting a JLMurfee $118 Lilly Pulitzer
Kaitlin Stadelman and Tara Stitchberry try their luck at the raffle
Check out those shoes, that’s what drew me to Jessica Carroll with her blue suede shoes. With her is Nicole Wiley.
Lately I’ve been running into these two ladies, they’re big fans of Table 31’s Thursday night’s Ladies Night party, check it out tonight, it’s Rachel Branson, Esq. and Quinette Roberson.
Hot, but then again brrrr at the same time as the models wore designs from: Arcadia Boutique, Priscilla of Boston, Lilly Pulitzer, The Junior League Thrift Shop, Whitney Eve, Onassic Clothing LLC, Sagets Mens Formal Wear.
Sexy and walking at 30 MPH
Dressed for the evening: DJ and Anne Nikolaus
Definitely Lilly Pulitzer
Ought oh fruit of the loom peeking above the pant line. I guess this is the preppy rapper boxer look. Please make it stop, this underwear peeking out. Let’s make everyone think we’re going commando.
It wouldn’t be a Jr League event without a little pink, complimenting couple colors.
I love this dress with the silver belt

Dress for fashion in the freeze
One of the fun things was the models were members or member friends of the Jr League, so there was a lot of support from the audience.
I let out an audible gasp cause I was not a fan of this dress. Who would wear it? I said.
Haley Hill piped up that she loved it and would wear it in a second. So I am not the purveyor of taste, thank god.
Love this smartly dressed couple
Amber Goins on the catwalk
The Junior League of Philadelphia is one of the leading community service organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area, with a diverse membership contributing a range of personal and professional experiences. It offers tested and groundbreaking programs that focus on the intersection of wellness and the natural environment. Programs are developed to have maximum impact, using experts in the field and innovative partnerships.
It was good to see my buds Matt Carter and my smartest friend Andrew “Currently in Harvard getting my MBA” Rosenthal. Looking forward to his return to Philly when he’s finished.