Another Fun PIFA Event: Center City Opera Theater and Luxe Home Philadelphia hosted a “French Cocktail Hour & Opera Salon”.

On Wednesday, April 13 (BTW Happy Birthday Dad, miss you), Friends of Luxe Home Philadelphia and the Center City Opera Theater enjoyed cocktails and French cheeses while listening to a sneak preview for Danse Russe, an original opera commissioned for the 2011 Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. The party was well attended by fans of Opera, people in the arts and longtime customers of the store, and featured delicious food, several pop-up aria performances, and a special PIFA preview of world premiere opera “Danse Russe”,

Katelyn Goodman and Sarah Connors
Rhoda and Joseph Ilustre, Buzz Lefelman, Jian Chen and Krista Hafler
Gloria Esposito, Laurel Fairworth, Bethann Platt, Jan Reisner
The world premiere of a new one-act, vaudeville-style opera, Danse Russe, with music by Pulitzer-prize winning composer Paul Moravec, based on an original libretto created by Wall Street Journal drama critic and biographer Terry Teachout. Danse Russe tells the story of the creation of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring through the eyes of its creators: Diaghilev, Nijinsky, Monteux and, of course, Stravinsky. Morelos Deblosi and Robert Deblosi with Baghan Zielinski and Maria Parisi Vicker
Center City Opera Theater strives to: (1) Present opera productions of the highest professional quality, specially conceived for an intimate setting, and featuring newly commissioned works, as well as more traditional operas; (2) Recruit new audiences for opera through the immediacy of these intimate performances, as well as through affordable ticket prices; (3) Provide opportunities for emerging opera professionals (singers, directors & designers) who are becoming known nationally for their excellence; (4) Fill a large and growing void in arts education in the region with comprehensive, onsite educational programs and a wide array of internships.Above: Matt Maness, Chris Lorge, Jason Switzer, Paul Coruju and Jeff JacobsCaroline from the Center City opera performs a solo that will be included at the performance at the Kimmel Center next week. I hear the Perelman Center seats will be arranged in a cabaret setting with tables which is great. I am a huge fan of cabaret and wish Philadelphia had a permanent performance space for cabaret.
Steven Metzo and Maureen Brown

Joy Kurtz, Education director CCOT, Eleanor Levie, Amy Chmielewski, Costume Designer CCOT

Robert Reynolds and Carrie Brescia
Todd Bergman, Christy McTyre, President of Langmore House Interior Design at Langmore design group,LLC. and Andrew Kurtz, General and Artistic Director is founder of the Center City Opera Theater.
Eileen Barbash and Mark Barbash tell me that they furnished most of their house with furniture from Luxe Home. They were falling in love with the couch they were currently sitting on too.
Cristina Motaneri and Brian Petit
Craig Arthur Von Schroeder, Brooke Dillon, Aaron Pierce and Sarah Connors. In a 2009 interview with Philadelphia Inquirers Elizabeth Wellington Craig believed that T-Shirts should not be seen underneath button down shirts, but Saturday I ran into him and he has relaxed on this issue. Aaron marches to the beat of his own style and believes to each his own. I personally have never seen Aaron without a stylish sport jacket, and when asked how many he owns indicated it was a collection that rivals Imelda Marco’s shoes.