Big Baller Ryan Dorsey’s Big Bash Burlesque Birthday with Mom

Last Thursday night rivaled any Saturday night out at a club as friends and family members of Ryan Dorsey gathered at the nightclub he co-owns, Recess, to celebrate his 31st Birthday. Ballers, ballets and the almost botox crowd came out to celebrate, partying into the wee hours of Friday morning. No doubt a lot of visine dropped hours later. That’s right if you own a nightclub you get to throw your own party, although it helps to have a PR Michelle Miller, The Nouveau Image in helping to coordinate the details.
Ryan and his Mom celebrate with a little bubbly.

Last year you’ll recall that Michelle had fire breathers and jugglers to help celebrate the big 30. This year she tapped a few jigglers as in Burlesque dancers, all the way from NYC, The Wasabassco Burlesque troup with Doc Wasabassco your host.
Each of the dancers were very entertaining and full of surprises, like this one with the boa constrictor that made me happy to have a long lens on my camera.
The audience was delighted, and fun is the usual case with the intimate Recess.
Walking on, walking on broken glass..
Ian Swain sporting the Flyers beard to the Stanley Cup?, with friends Adrian Hardy, Amber Civitella, guest, Mia and Manny Romano. Looking forward to Manny’s Soundcloud for 2011.
Vatche Manoukian and Shang Skipper holding fort at their favorite table. Check out this month’s Dining Magazine for a classy article on Shang & Sullivans.
Look who’s back in town, Just Scoops, he had been in Kansas City 96.5 The Buzz for the past couple years. He’s returned to Philly to spend time with his family. Good to see Scoops, he’s one talented guy and is OMG crazy. He’s gonna be working on something called Smoosh and tell. Amanda Murphy, Justin Fine and Dustin Kaplan. Ladies (men & LB) Justin is now off the market per his FB page. But if you want to yap him up he can be found at his new watering hole TA Flannery’s at 20th near Market.Nelly and Paulo Silva, From Glen Mills had a great time out with friends and were glad to help Ryan celebrate his birthday.
Sexy bitches from Maggiano’s stop on by: Remy Gardner and Ashlee Kurrell
Julie Dorenbos and GN Kang. Saturday night they headed to see Charlie Sheen’s Torpedo Tour. GN said she like it, but she’s a Sheen fan.
Recess Co-Owner T.J. Gersh, and Larry Cohen
Jon Dorenbos and Red Bull drinking friend. Jon, Julie and a few of their friends headed for Pat’s Steak’s about 2AM. I usually suggest Geno’s but decided I would give Pat’s a try since I can’t stand Geno’s “Speak English When Ordering Sign.” Guess what I will hold my nose and say a prayer next time I eat an Geno’s cause Pat’s is a cesspool, between the workers, the gross outside area and the throwing up guy I doubt I go back there again. And like Craig LeBan I gave the place more than one try in my life.
Happiness in the corner
As much as this was Ryan Dorsey’s birthday party, it was also Drew “The Mayor’s” Carballo’s home coming. Drew tapped by Del Frisco’s GM Rich Furino to be one of his new managers at the restaurant. Good choice, Drew is a top notch guy who goes the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with your service. That’s what Rich saw when Drew took care of him and his guests over at Whisper nightclub this past year. Drew just returned from 6 weeks of training in Texas and Las Vegas. He tells me he’s glad to be home and excited to start full time at Del Frisco’s this week.Jamasia Tucker, Alexis Torres and Jamie Quinn
Whisper in the house I spy Zach Seidman and Samantha Jo
Everyone get your hands up
Happy Birthday Ryan Dorsey!! Lindsay Furman plants one on Ryan.Can’t wait til you turn 32