Who was out warming the curbs along Rittenhouse Row

Odds and Ends:

Rumor has it that a clothing store is going to occupy the almost empty Borders Book Store. A movie house did check out the place, but they didn’t like the odd angle whatever that means. Hey movie people could you check out The Prince across the street, please save it I hear that a sneaker store has been waiting for it’s demise for a year now.

A few of my tweets yesterday:

I love when my photos are in @ social column. Some day I would like to be in it #9 to #14 photos.

RT @ Just talked to @ Bill McGlone, he will be @ Public House Thurs 4 Celeb Bartenders’ Night!

Bio teacher in ky has resigned aft cops found her giving student some private lessons in anatomy. Also ticketed 4parking in handicap space.

Paul and wendy rosen with their grandchildren just wandered by parc

this is the #1 selling tshirt for the 611 line and is sold at @ on 12th near chestnut

I ran into DJ Nigel Richards sporting his new TShirt to be sold by his 611. I think it’s pretty cool. No doubt to be sold at Matthew Izzo soon.
Everyone knows how much I love Christopher Gabello’s photography. This is an ad he shot recently.
This is the ad he’s submitted to be carried on my blog. Did I mention is accepting advertisements now. Email me for rates.
Not sure if I would carry this one, but it’s clever for sure. What do you think? Check out his website here.
Carmen Tomassetti (He’s the guy behind the CTO band enterprise) and Dr. Erin Pusz enjoying the warm night at Stephen Starr’s Parc.
Alexander Hankins and friends from law school. Today was their last day, now finals. All three have summer stints. Good luck. 9 times out of 10 one of you will start a blog or a cupcake shop in the next 7 years. Also at Parc Erin Elmore, Steve Ward, Heather Heo, Tim Lucey

Eyewitness Weather has a new pimped out weather mobile. No word on why we didn’t get teh wicked storm they were predicting all week, but who’s complaining…
One of those partying at the Tweed Brunch Saturday was Heather Baumgardner, here she is at Rouge last night with Danielle Krupa and Monique Crawford.
Not Sen Larry Farnese, Sgt Ray Evers, friends from LA, Aly Green and Justin Wineburgh. Ray used to be the #1 searched guy on PCC for years, but I had to inform him that he’s been replaced by Chase Utley, then Justin Pizzi. Did you know that Justin Wineburgh is also an accomplished violinist and tuba player. Aly tells me that my write up about the Tale of Two Brunches was great. Sampan is going after the more social crowd, where the food is the focus and the music the background.
Stephen Olitsky and biz partner at Table 31 Chef Chris Scarduzio with Monique in the middle
Poor chick at Rouge had to spend the whole night keeping a path open on the sidewalk. Kept saying the owner of the building was in the restaurant and it had to be done.
I think we’re gonna need a bigger sidewalk