Hotel Palomar Philadelphia Celebrates Earth Day with a Happy Hour

A proud recipient of LEED Gold Certified, the Hotel Palomar Philadelphia incorporates eco-friendly actions and amenities throughout their boutique hotel. Everyday they participate in actions that go towards saving our planet like placing in-room recycling bins for easy guestroom recycling, they’ve created a comprehensive recycling program for cups, clothes hangers, batteries through out the hotel and are using Organic and/or fair-trade coffee and tea. Did you know that Hotel Palomar rewards guests who drive hybrid vehicles by providing discounted parking prices for these vehicles at the hotel. Yeah.

So what better place to attend a celebration of Earth Day Happy Hour, or Earth Day eve as it was, then at the hotel itself which is exactly what I did yesterday. Above is one of the auction items at the Party for the Parks all of which utilized recycle material. There’s a bug in this babble.
That trench was designed by SA VA, who creates sustainability fashion here in Philadelphia
(Bring  in a reusable bag, get 30% off regular priced clothing! today), and is a recycled banner from the 2009 Philadelphia Library Festival, and next to it is a cute welded bulldog made of recycled tin door signs by artist Leo Sewell.
Hosted by Palomar GM Nick Gregory with special guest Amy Johnston from Mural Arts, Nick explained the steps that the hotel greets the guests and tells them about the commitment Hotel Palomar and the entire Kipton Hotel chain goes through to be green. This past week they had a recycle station in front of the hotel, they also turned down the electricity in the lobby during the day and worked with the natural light shining through the window. He was excited to have this happy hour celebrating Earth Day and raising money for The Trust for Public Land. Natavan Weborck and artist Gunel Rzayevatell me that they saving the earth is important to them and they recycle everyday, especially by re using shopping bags. Gunel is from a small country in Eurasia on the Caspian Sea, and is a Communitcations major at the University of the Arts. She’s titled this piece “Preserve Yourself”.
Barry Garozzo here with another friend Victoria Sabatino. You’ll recall we photographed him a month ago with his friend Amanda and they stressed they were only friends, and of course Meg Ryan did believe that opposite sex folks could be friends.

BFF’s Nicole Cashman and Sabrina Tamburino.
Sharon Gerber, Natasha L, Jason Duran, Casey Anderson and Suzi Stein.
Casey and Jason are getting ready for their June wedding. The two met through friend Sharon, she went to U of P with Casey, then went on for her medical degree at Temple where she met Jason. Look for those social photos to grace this page in June.

A family staying at the hotel joined the festivities. The Hjorth family is from Sweden. L-R daughter Maria Laura, mom Lotte Erfur and Dad Jacob.

I love this gum wrapper satchel snatch up at the silent auction by Laura Burkhardt
who was there with Mickey Rowley. Both were then headed over to the sold out show by Les Nubians – The self-described ‘Afropean’ hip hop/rhythm and blues duoconcert at the Kimmel Center as part of the PIFA moment.
Adam Spivak in the meantime was making his way home with his newly acquired art piece by Julie Yosen called “Feed Me”, which is made up of material found inside the Kimpton Hotel. I recognize a bathrobe.

Artist Sam Kelly next to her “Breaking Ground”. Sam says it’s an homage to film photography and how with the explosion of digital cameras, film is basically a wasteland. Note mushroom cloud. All in all a great time for a good cause. Happy Earth Day!! (PS Thanks to for their support of the art show.)