PhillyChitChatter: Elizabeth Berkley B&N Book Signing Photos, Where did the Flyers Celebrate? Flyers Party and Time Capsule Uncovered at City Hall

Elizabeth Berkley (Jesse Spano on Saved By The Bell and Nomi Malone in the cult-classic Showgirls) visited the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble last night chatting about her new book “Ask Elizabeth”.
Elizabeth told the small crowd that she began working on this project about 5 years ago mentoring young girls with her ‘Ask Elizabeth’ workshops, after her husband, Greg Lauren, commented on the number of girls who came to her asking for advice and joked that she should have her own column, she decided to take action and created her own website to help teen girls. The website, which she facilitates herself is a self-esteem program called Ask-Elizabeth. She regularly meets with young girls to discuss different issues and topics and to help them with any problems that they are going through and speaks of her own troubles in the past. She spoke earlier in the day at a North Penn High school assembly of over 500 young women.
Styling the Louboutins

Earlier in the day I stopped by the City Hall Tour Office room. As you may know I have been preparing to take on my volunteer tour guide position (once a week) which should begin May 3 if I get it all memorized. Greta Greenberger showed me a beam from a window on the 7th floor. It’s a signature of a guy and it’s signed 7/9/90 as in 1890. She tells me it has to be returned when they install the new windows next week.
A new Japanese Restaurant is opening near 18th on chestnut. This was the former uptown Robin’s Books store. Then it was something else and now that huge sign says it’s going to be a Japaneses restaurant.
If you’re doing cocaine, and need some money, University Penn is conducting research on cocaine users and will compensate you for your time. Let’s hope it’s not one of those police stings. (Shot at 18th & Walnut)

The Flyers headed to the Happy Rooster for food and fun to celebrate their big game over Buffalo last night.