From Green To Gay The Hotel Palomar Hosts Another Great Event

Last week we were at the Hotel Palomar for their Green Happy Hour, this week they hosted the VIP Kick Off Party for Equality Forum. Started in 1993, Equality Forum is a seven day celebration of international gay culture, educational seminars, discussion, parties and fun.
What the Tech? Vince Lattanzio, of NBC Philadelphia, Erin Como, Jillian Mele, traffic and The Ten Show cohost, and Chris Blackman, Vice President of News, NBC 10. NBC10 has been a consist sponsor of Equality Forum for the past 19 years.
Rosemary Connors was also on hand. Here she chats with another fav at NBC10, Eight-time Emmy award-winning journalist Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann does investigative reporting as well as is a co-host of The Ten Show with Bill Henley. So these days you get three personalities, three views, three times more fun.
Art and Stevie Martin-Chester have gone to Equality Forum for the past 19 years.
Kim Zachery, Erin Como, Francesco Vuono and LuAnn Cahn. Francesco is an Assignment Editor at LNS – Local News Service, is a new organization where several of the broadcast stations share news stories, and camera people. For example a Fox 29 camera person filmed the event and the clip could be seen on CBS3, NBC10 and on Fox 29. (Update: they don’t share reporters.)
Malcolm Lazin’s Equality Forum presents its Distinguished Service Award to Governor Ed Rendell. Rendell was grateful for the years of support the GLBT community gave him over the years, and told various funny stories of his campaign bar hops on election eve. He also mention that every time he would run into Malcom he would hit him up for money for his campaigns. This time the shoe is on the other foot and Malcom is running a campaign to be the first gay man on City Council. Ed is going to donate money to his campaign. (Above Ed & Chelsea work the gay bars before the 2008 primaries)
Mike LaMonaca and Steve McCann, Philly Gay Calendar
Heather Coutts, Kelly Burkhardt, Gloria Casarez and Terrill Thompson
Mr. Philadelphia Dashiell Sears openly gay gymnast from Temple University and Donald Carter openly gay republican who once appeared on Bill Mahr.
Ted Martin, Executive director of Equality PA and Drew Fennell, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware was happy to report that the Delaware civil unions law heads to governor for signature
Mickey Rowley, James Conway, Thom Cardwell and Mel Heifetz.
Rick Naughton, Geoffrey Jackson, Sr. Brand Manager at Campbell Soup Co (Soup is good food, ya know) and Jason Lewis; can you tell which two guys have been dating for over a year. I think they are beginning to look a like, a little don’t you think? Check out the schedule for all the events going on related to the Equality Forum all the way up to the fabulous festival at the Piazza on Sunday, including the very gay brunch at PYT!