Looks like a lot of people as the line snakes down the street and around the corner down Chestnut from the Krispy Kreme Philadelphia store And mind you that only the first 11 people received free donuts for a year.
Others received a cup of coffee that day and up to the 100th person received a TShirt, but they were cool Tshirts and these folks were excited to grab one.
The front of the line: for the majority of the night it was bone dry, but fifteen minutes before the doors were to open there was a downpour and most people were prepared, except for my camera which got soaked.Tyler Altenhufen brought a tent with him and his buddy from Temple, Jeremy Wright. That’s Mia with the umbrella she got there about 9PM. Jennifer Mislinski and Tabitha Fetch brought their pillows but there was no sleep to be had. Although I think they may have made friends with the guys in front of them when the boys weren’t sleeping.
These are the T-Shirt people. They arrived around 5AM
Finally at 6AM the Hot Doughnut light went on and Krispy Kreme PR David Neff, of Neff Associates opened the doors to the delight of all the people especially the ones in front who had gotten there like Ryan Hatt over 12 hours earlier. #2 – #10 were all in place by 11PM. Those folks get a dozen doughnuts every month for a year. Jeremy Wright and Tyler Altenhufen were 6 & 7 in line. These guys brought along a tent and had all the I forgot to ask them if they really drank all that OJ while waiting for 9 hours? The last thing I would want to do waiting in line
Lori Aghazarian and Cheri Tay are very happy with their TShirts. I love that the “O” is missing a bite out of it.
The Lee Family – People in orange shirts are managers.
Mike Barnes, Developmental director for Kisses for Kyle, Sharon Snyder, Sharon is the founder of a charity called “Kisses for Kyle”. The Kisses for Kyle Foundation offers a variety of services to families fighting childhood cancer in the Delaware Valley. Cousins and business partners, Keith Morgan and Brian Zaslow, who also own the Krispy Kreme doughnut store in Fox Chase and plans one in Collingswood, NJ, Braden Young, Sales and Marketing Manger, Jim Rudofker, GM of 16th Street Krispy Kreme.
Co-founder of Geekadelphia Eric Smith stops by to pick up a dozen for his soon to be happy Quirk Books coworkers.
Jazmine Gould and Ryan Hatt leave with their bounty.
When I left at 9:30AM the line had finally eased up to the point where the door could be shut, but at lunch time the doors were wide open again with folks in line. It might just be another place I tweet about where I tell my followers whether there’s a line or not. Currently I do it for the Rocky statue.